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A revisit of Florence

After going through a long drive, we made it to center of art. The city that put the Italian Renaissance on the map. I couldn’t wait to see what I have missed the first time. It was 9pm or 21:00 when we arrived. Most European cities have such a sophisticated glow during nighttime. I know…

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lasciando Roma-on the outskirts

Leaving Rome is always a hard task. A city as historic and classic like this makes you think twice. Leaving the center of the Roman Empire is an action usually ending with a heartbreak . Especially, if you love history, arts and food. Even though my time in Rome was short-lived, there was a bright…

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Roma Di Nuovo

Rome, a city that I enjoy visiting. With it’s classic charm and the city’s effort to maintain that classic look. This Italian city really gives you the feeling of being back in time; when you exclude, the ruins. Walking the streets, the mediterranean architecture is shown brightly with the vibrant colors. The sound of music…

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