Walking through Assisi, Italy at night

After a 7 hour ride, we arrived at Assisi. It was late but we were not going to let that stop us. Plus, I never explored this Italian pearl after sunset. So I was already filled with energy.

night time at Assisi photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

We got out of our hotel, into the dark gem. I was surprised to see how beautiful this city was at night. European cities have a different appeal compared to American cities. There’s a level of sophistication that American metropolitans lack.

Rocca Maggiore at night photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

I started walking around until I got distracted by this beauty up above. The castle is called the Rocca Maggiore. I saw this during the day on my last trip. Seeing it at night gives a whole new perspective. It’s intimidating, the castle makes you think of how invaders must have felt. When they tried invading at night.

A road at night photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Walking the streets at night something was slightly off to me. After living in New York City for such a long time, seeing empty streets at night gives me anxiety. It’s usually an indicator to find another street to walk or you might get robbed. However, that is totally different here. There’s a sense of peace in the atmosphere.

An alley at night photo couresty of Hugo Morel

It felt so liberating to walk around without a worry in the world. The narrow alleyways can be explored without fear. No random stranger that could be a criminal waiting for you at the end. I truly wish I could live here. It was just the first night here and already I was loving it.

Safe travels everyone and much love!

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  1. I enjoyed your posts on Assisi. I visited this city years ago. The travel agent was supposed to book us a trip to Florence but we found out that we were sort of cheated when we end up in Assisi. No regrets as I really enjoyed visiting and exploring this historic city. And being from the Bay Area (I work in San Francisco), I found the city to have a special meaning to me.

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