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San Ignacio Miní and the Guaraní

  San Igancio Miní is a mission founded in 1632 by the Jesuits or the Society of Jesus. The mission located in the Misiones Province of Argentina. The Province of Misiones is located between Brazil to the north and Paraguay to the northwest.   San Igancio Miní, like the missions of California and the Southwest of the USA, was…

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Exploring San Rafael, Mendoza

When in Argentina, make sure to visit the city of San Rafael. In the province of Mendoza, San Rafael has a clam atmosphere. Still very city-like; yet, with a small town feel. The city of San Rafael has a wide selections of restaurants. Although, not as much as the country’s capital, Buenos Aires. Make sure to stop…

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Buenos Aires, The Global City

The Global City called Buenos Aires, Argentina has many attractions, as in: landmarks, churches and cultures. It is a city of many cultures that have been brought over from it’s immigrants. Buenos Aires, as a global city, has immigrants from all over the world but, most of the city’s immigrants come from Italy. The Italian…

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