Munich, Germany

After leaving the Czech Republic, we arrived in Munich, Germany. The road trip was not as fun as we would had liked. A few bees went into our bus. Let’s just say, we were freaking out. It took an older Chinese gentleman to handle the bees. We are fearless youngsters!

Apparently, the thing above is a car.

Taking the subway in Munich was awkward. It was so quite! You can hear a pin drop. Whispering was close to yelling. No one was talking to each other and no music performers. It felt dead compared to all the other countries’ subways I have been to.

Throughout this city, you can feel that people were tense. By the time we arrived, there were several terrorist attacks that occured. Everybody was somewhat fearful. Even with all the unfortunate events, we still had a great time. A lot parts of Germany made me feel like I was playing an elder scrolls game.

Germany is a beautiful country. Unfortunately, we were only there for one full day. Make sure to stop by Munich during October. At this time, there is a festival happening. Just remember, this is the beer capital of the world.

Thank you for taking your time to read this post! Next week go to Italy! Much love and stay safe!

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