How to use Dubai’s metro system, what you need to know to not get in trouble

With this city’s over the top strive to be the best. There is a lot of differences compared to Western public transportation. I could not roll my eyes even more after finding out they have the only five star subway station. Although, Dubai’s metro system seem to be the world’s best. There are rules one must follow, if you want a smooth time.

A subway station photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

For starters, you don’t see people asking for money. That is something this country really tries hard not to have. The government pays the homeless to go back to their country. As harsh as that sounds, it’s better than just leaving them out to die in the rough desert environment. Especially, when summer comes around with the sand storms.

The top level of the “five star subway station” photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Another tip is to not eat in subway carts. Yes, that is illegal and could cause you a fine. Of course, I saw the sign while I was eating donuts. Luckily for me, there wasn’t any cops nearby. The fine is about 100 AED, which is about 30 us dollars.

The second Level of the “five star subway station” photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Dubai’s metro is very clean. There is no litter on the subway carts. Dropping or forgetting something on a subway cart could lead you to a 200 AED fee. Which is about 70 USD.   Keep that in mind because the more fines you get, the more unwated attention you attract to yourself. Which is never good in a foreign country. Also, Sleeping in waiting areas can result to fines as well. Same amount as of 200 AED.  I wish they had these rules in New York City.

The five start trophy photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Another rule is carrying alcohol while on a public vehicle can result in charges or fees, if you are found out. If you are carrying beers or wine bottles in your bag, please make sure they do not make much noise. Remember this is a Muslim majority country after all. Being found with alcohol in non-approved areas can lead into some serious trouble. It all depends which type of cop you run into. I heard stories online of people being found with alcohol and being sent to jail. Which caused them to lose their flight.

The stations mark where the women’s section will be photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Lastly there is a woman’s section on the subway trains. They are usually a lot nicer and less crowded. From what I saw, there are usually empty seats. Only women are allowed to go with the exception of little kids. Of course, Me being me. I ended up walking into and taking a seat in this section. Took me a minute to find out why it was so empty. Saw a lot of pink on the floor and the word women was written everywhere. Luckily, there was no police around. So, I did not get in trouble.

Hey everyone! This post is not to scare you. It’s just to keep you aware. I do suggest reading Dubai metro rules.  Here is the link to keep you informed. Dubai is awesome and there is no reason as to why some culture differences should ruin your time here.

Safe travels everyone and much love!

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How to use the Paris subway

Now, Paris is a very expensive city. Taking a taxi from the international airports will cost an arm and a leg. The most affordable way to get around Paris is through it’s metro system.

Subway in Paris taken by Hugo Morel

I took the train from the Charles De Gaulle airport shuttle. It left me infornt of a subway entrance. Watch out for gypsies that claim to want to help you when you are trying to buy metro tickets. They claim to want to help; however, most of the time it’s just a way to get money out of you or to pickpocket you.

Paris metro map brought to you by google

The Paris subway has stops near almost all the main tourist attractions. It doesn’t make sense to spend money on a taxi or to rent a car. The Paris metro is very reliant.

Machine where you buy metro tickets brought to you by google

A one-way ticket will cost you about 2 euros. A daily pass will cost about 7 euros. Weekly, will cost about 20 euros and monthly, will cost about 65 euros. These prices are very affordable. Also, the price of a weekly metro pass will cost less than most taxis in Paris going one-way.

A picture of a subway station in Paris brought to you by google

Careful when buying the tickets at the station, a lot of the ticket machines are in french only. A gypsy appeared out of nowhere, when she found out I was having trouble with the ticket machine. Luckily, a local saw me and showed me how to order a weekly pass. There are metro workers in booths in some stations that can help you out, as well.

Subway train taken by Hugo Morel

When taking the actual trains, you have to keep a few things in mind. One, the train doors do not automatically open. Unless, you press a button on the middle of the door. Just keep a watch on how people exist the train carts. It will save you from missing your stop. Also, keep a high alert on Line 9. Line 9 is a train line within the Paris metro notorious for pickpocketing. Lastly, pickpocketing is another factor to keep in mind.

A sign warning about pickpocketing brought to you by google

Pickpocketing in the Paris metro is common. Here’s a few tips to remember. Make sure to be fully awake on the train carts. Any signs of sleepiness makes you a target. Another tip to keep in mind is the sound of when the doors are about to close. That’s when pickpocketers go on the hunt. Always be on alert, when you hear that noise. They would steal and run out of the door before you have time to react. Lastly, watch out for beggars. The moment you take out your money, another person runs to steal your wallet.

Now this post isn’t here to make you fearful of the Paris metro. Just wanted you to be aware. That way, your time in the beautiful French capital isn’t ruined due to some thieves.

Thank you for reading! Safe travels and much love!

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Taking the subway to Giza

Well yes, you thought I would go to Egypt and not go to Giza? You must have not been following us long enough. Of course, we had to do it my way.

Inside a mosque taken by Hugo Morel

After getting familiar with the Islamic culture, it was time to go to the tourist traps. It was somewhat interesting because she suggested that we take the subway. It’s like the universe knows I love subways!! The cool thing about this experience is that not many Tourists get to take the subway like I did. So, some of these pictures will be new to those that visited Egypt.

Entering the subway station taken by Hugo Morel

Entering the subway station, you have to pass through a metal detector. Which makes sense because of all the problems this part of the world has been facing. Cairo’s subway is something similar to the Bart in San Francisco or the metro in Washington D.C. It was small; however, very complicated. Still wasn’t chaotic as New York’s and I liked it!

Waiting for the train Taken by Hugo morel

We were waiting for the train and I noticed something. The train stations were actually cool. I know this isn’t very interesting; however, outside was pretty hot. Usually, NYC’s or other cities’ subway stations are hotter than the outside temperature. Just some geeky observations.

Train passing by taken by Hugo Morel

As the train came, we jumped inside and found seats. Inside the train, there was no air conditioning and the heat was uncomfortable. Even with this, people were still smiling and laughing. Makes me really think about how lucky I was to live in the USA. Yet, I still complain about simple issues and get sad over things people around the world see as a luxury. This was definitely a humbling experience. This is why travel changes you. You get to see the world in a differnt view. Every experience helps me grow into a better person.

Thank you so much for reading! Much love and stay safe!!

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Getting dragged into a soccer (football ⚽) rally in the USA?

The good thing about having friends is when you are down, they try to understand. As a last effort of trying to understand my situation, my friends invited me to a soccer game. I didn’t think too much of it at first. However, this event would change my outlook on the American culture.

Hudson River taken by Hugo Morel

Started off as a normal day of hanging out at the park. Saw a beautiful view of the Hudson River and had to take a photo. One of my friends called me asking, if I would like to go to a soccer game for a local professional team. I agreed, since I wanted to take my mind off all the changes that were happening to me.

Red bulls rally taken by Hugo Morel

Took the Jersey transit to go to the red bulls arena. The trip was actually very short from Pennsylvania station in New York City. Eventually, met my friend who was really pushing me to buy a red shirt. Of course, me being the “socially aware” person I am, I wore blue. The team the NY red bulls were facing had blue jerseys. Apparently, this is was like walking to a gang territory wearing the wrong colors. By the photo above, you can see how much they love red.

People starting fires taken by Hugo Morel

Somehow and someway, I got dragged into a rally. They shut down the whole street. Everyone was either drunk or just crazy passionate fans. They started fires in the middle of the road. Cars couldn’t go through. Had no idea how I got into this, I was just following the crowd. Moral of the story, never follow a group of sport fans.

Red bulls arena taken by Hugo Morel

When I got to the stadium and never in my wildest dreams did I expected Americans to be so excited about “soccer”/football! Growing up, the only sports that mattered were basketball, baseball and American football (the one with tackling, Sundays nights and tons of beer). I had to pinch myself a bit. Seriously thought, I never left Europe for a second. Unless, the San Francisco Bay Area’s cultural importance on sports wasn’t the American norm.

Game starting taken by Hugo Morel

So apparently, my friend hooked me up with seats that only loyal paying fans were allowed to sit. It was very chaotic! Very minute, there was a new song about the red bulls. All I kept thinking was, “all this for a soccer game?” “Am I really in the USA right now?” Still stunned, I saw a fan running into the field. I couldn’t believe it. I expected this for American football games, not for soccer.

Random guy being taken off the field taken by Hugo Morel

Not entirely sure what was going on in his brain at that moment. However, the guy didn’t look too proud. Seriously, still can’t believe this was an American soccer game. Ironically, the next big trip was I going to make, is a country where soccer is the national sport.

Forgot who won, to be honest. The whole time, I was just overwhelmed at the culture shock. My friend showed me that there’s more to the American culture than what is on the Media. In this diverse and beautiful country, there’s something for everybody. Regardless of your interest, this country gives you the freedom to express your hobbies and passions.

Thank you for reading!! Much love!! Have an awesome weekend!!


Riding Rio’s Public Transportation

Rio’s metro is the second most used in Brazil. With 1.1 million riders daily and 401.5 million yearly, the metro is on a global city level.

published by Hugo Morel

Waiting for the train at the station, makes you feel like you are in Brooklyn, NY at the L train Bedford ave stop. One way metro fare is R$3.50. Remember that the American dollar is about double of Brazil’s currency. The pictures below were taken as we waiting for our train. It was more modern than we expected. Being Americans, we tend to not think so highly about other countries’ subways.

The picture below is one of Rio’s subway trains on the outside.

published by Hugo Morel

Taking Rio’s subway was very similar to New York’s. The train we took was like  New York’s A train. You got your crazies and your trains’ panhandlers. The major difference is that the whole train is connected. In New York, the trains are separated by carts with doors in between each cart. While in Rio, there are individual carts but they are connected with  no door dividing them. The train on the inside, looks as if you were inside a giant snake.

Walking in the subway stations, we noticed a lot of shops. Very similar to New York’s Penn station. The pictures below were taken in front of a video game store in the subway station.

Rio’s Public Bus system is on a world class level. With 831 bus routes, you can travel anywhere in the city at cheap rate. The bus fare is R$2.40 one way. In American dollars, the fare is a bout $1.20. Make sure to know this when taking the bus, obese people have priority seating. Make sure not to look like a jerk.

Rio also has an express bus called BRT. The BRT has it’s own private lane on the highway (USA, we should take notes!). Going on one of these buses, can get you across the city in no time. The picture below is a BRT station.

published by Hugo Morel

Thank you for taking your time to read this post. Drop a like and a follow. Much Love! Next week, we sleep on the beach and see pope Francis!




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