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Finishing up Venice and 2016

After eating our wonderful lunch, the tourist parts of Venice awaits. Walking around Venice, you can not help but stop and enjoy the architecture. The photo above makes you feel like you are in the 1200’s. The picture above is St. Mark’s square and Basilica di San Marco in the background. Basilica di San Marco is…

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The foods of Venice 

Italy is known for it’s food and it’s rich history. Different parts of Italy have different styles of food.  Venice brought it’s style and gave me something to remember. The best pizza in my travels of Italy was in Venice. The pizza here on is another level compared to the other parts of Italy. Just…

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Benvenuti a Venezia!

It took awhile, but we finally made it to Venezia! Drove/skipped through Austria overnight. Sorry Austria, maybe next time. I know you are a beautiful country that’s worth more than one layover and an overnight drive. Being able to come here has always been a dream to me. To make this into a reality gives…

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