Off to new horizons, saying good bye to Belize

My time in Belize was coming to an end. I had to sneak one more meal. The food was spicy and tasted like the Caribbean sun. The chicken had a hint of curry with the black beans and rice remind me of my mother’s cooking. Just like the last post, this is why I love traveling to the Caribbean. Honestly, I would probably gain like 30 pounds if I lived here haha

My last belizean full meal photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

I was somewhat reluctant to leave. Had to go back home and be normal for a while. The winter cold in New York was not going to be fun. I could feel the breeze already. Regradless, I had to awake up early to catch the water taxi. I thought my flight was a lot earlier than it actually was. Of course, that meant waiting at the airport for hours.

My breakfast at the airport photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

While at the airport, I started to get hungry. I went straight to the water taxi and didn’t even had a time to eat a meal. I stopped by a restaurant. They had Guatemalan food mixed with belizean flavor. You know I had to eat like I haven’t eaten days. The owner was so nice. I truly recommend them. She didn’t let me take a photo of her and the restaurant. However, it’s right across the Belize City International Airport. It’s the true definition of a hole in the wall. Small space but you can taste the effort and care in the food.

Belizean sunrise photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

The clock was clicking, my time here was done. I started to board the plane. I was remind of the photo I took on the water taxi. I was off to come back home. Couldn’t wait to see what new adventures waited for me in New York City and beyond. Belize is definitely a place, I would come back to see. This tiny country has left a big mark on me.

Ps. Next country will be in somewhere in Asia!

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Who are the Belizean people

As my time in Belize was coming to an end, I kept noticing the mixture this country has. I mentioned this before in another post. However, I never really went in depth.

The people of Belize Photo courtesy of belizing

With a country with a little over 350,000, the people living within it’s borders are very mixed. The people are mixed with African, Native Mayans, European or east and south Asian. Most Belizeans have some mixture of one those ethic groups. There are recent immigrants that are not mixed. However, by the next or the following generation, they would mix with the majority of the population.

Women of belize Photo courtesy of

Growing up in California, there were so many descendants of the Mayans that were my friend. From the Salvadoran to the Guatemalan and Mexican, I was very familiar to the Mayan facial features. Coming to Belize completely shocked me. It was like seeing all my Mayan descendants friend speak English with Caribbean accent. All this was so surprising and it was a little hard to believe.

Another photo of the women of Belize Photo courtesy of

When I first saw the Belizeans, I expected them to speak Spanish.  After seeing the people at my hostel, you could tell they had some African roots. This mixture is really interesting to me. I had a few friends growing up that were half African American and half Mexican. The Belizeans I met at my hostel could pass as my friends’ siblings.

Traditional Belizean food Photo courtesy of

The food in Belize is amazing! You can taste the diversity of this country. It was like eating Mexican food mixed with Caribbean dishes. The rice had the flavors of Jamaican/west Indian. The rice and beans were spicy. You can taste the Indian curry in the meal. I almost felt like never coming back to the USA, after eating a few dishes here. My family comes from a Caribbean island. So eating this food reminded me of my childhood. Bringing Mexican food from the restaurants then mixing it with the home cooked Caribbean meal my mother used to cook me. The sweet plantain made the memories even stronger. All these flavors reflected the people of Belize.

Mennonites women with their children photo courtesy of

Lastly, the funny thing about Belize, there is an ethic group of Europeans that speak German as a first language. They are called the Mennonites. The majority of the Mennonites have been historically white European. However, in recent years there have been some converts from all the racial groups of Belize. Yet, the white European are still the majority within that ethic group. Also, the Mennonites are a form of Christians. Think of them being similar to the Amish of the United States. I didn’t get to see them because I spent most of my time on the islands. The Mennonites are usually on the main land of Belize.

Photo courtesy of

As you can see, Belize being the tiny country it is has a lot to offer. With so many ethic groups and so much diversity, it’s hard to come back home as the same person. Coming to Belize has really opened my eyes. From North to South America, the countries in them are enriched by immigrants and the culture they bring. All that mixture is what makes the western hemisphere so interesting. Glad, I got to spend my time in Belize. I wish I could had stayed longer.

Thank you for reading! Much love and safe travels!

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Getting a feel of the Caribbean Sea while heading back to Caye Caulker

Our snorkeling adventures were coming to an end. It was time to go back to the tropical island. Sea sickness was becoming a factor. Some of our group got sick. It was definitely time to get back into the reality of being on land again.

On our way back to Caye Caulker photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

The trip there got my stomach feeling a little off. The bumps and the jumping of the boat started to bother me. I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that burger before this trip. Even with all my sea sickness, it’s hard not to take in notice the beauty around us. The Caribbean sea is breathtaking. Crystal blue at times, then it becomes mixed with green. The pictures I took, does not give any justice to the sea. It’s something one must see in person.

Caribbean sea photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

We finally started to get close to the island. Our tour guide showed us around by doing a lap around Caye Caulker. Literally, it took us about ten minutes to go around the whole island. We got to see where are all the crazy parties were being held at. This island is a spring breaker’s paradise. Some many young people are going crazy and possibly getting alcohol poisoning. It reminded me of Miami Beach during Labor day weekend.

Pelicans swimming photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

We eventually met up with some pelicans. These guys were something else. They were friendly but wanted us to throw food at them. The tour guides gave us fish and the Pelicans would follow us like cats chasing mice. After sometime, they became a little aggressive. We had to stop feeding them. Something about pelicans and fish reminded me of the movie Finding Nemo.

Drinking belizean beer on the boat photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

My stomach started to feel better and we were about to dock the boat. The tour guides all gave us some belizean beer. I’m not someone who likes beer. Alcohol has been something I don’t like to drink anymore. However, I was living in the moment. Tried it and to my surprised, this was some awesome beer! Not too bitter nor sweet. It was just right. It made feel like I was a Pirate for second. Then I came back into the real world. I was drinking beer and not rum. Nor was I looking for treasure. I was just enjoying the moment.

Pelican that followed us all the way to the docks photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Once docked, we noticed a pelican followed us all the way to the dock. Felt bad for the thing and gave it some fish that our tour guide still had. This attracted several others and I pretty much opended Pandora’s box. They started fighting for more fish. The whol dock started get filled with hangery big birds. At that very moment, I made my escape from our group. Like a ninja covering up it’s tracks, I made sure I wasn’t going to get blamed for the mob of pelicans. Escaping this mess, it was off to explore the Island with the little time I had left.

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Concerns towards the Wildlife of the Mesoamerican reef

As my time through the reef was ending, I kept thinking about the claims of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef was on verge of dying. Thinking of this made me wonder about the lifetime expectancy of the Mesoamerican Reef. I know this was mentioned in another post. However, it still bugs me.

Swimming close to the school of fish photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

While swimming, a school of fish was attracted to our boat. It was probably the dropings of food our tour guide was leaving. Amazed, it is still hard to believe how intelligent life is. We are often taught in school that animals and fishes are unintelligent compared to humans. In some ways, I can see what they mean. Humans have verbal communication with complicated language structures. Animals and fish, do not. However, seeing animals in the wild really changes your views (I know, I keep repeating myself).

The school of fish under our boat photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

In awe, I kept looking at the school of fish. They moved with such togetherness. Even if we humans are “smarter,” we do not move like these fishes. It’s as if, they are one. Imagine how much society would be if humans acted with such togetherness. There would be less chaos and violence in this world.

The school of fish photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Still lost in thought, I kept taking photos. Like a dolphin learning to swim, it has become a second nature. This is why I love travel, Im getting to experience this first hand. The way underwater life should be experienced. It makes you value more of what you have and what could be lost.

The shipwreck photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Once again, I was told to snap back into reality. Our boat was moving to another part of Hol Chan. This part is where a shipwreck happened. Once there, seeing the shipwreck was something else. It made me feel like I was in the Pirates of The Caribbean Movie. Definitely, a bucket list item was just checked off. I wish I had an air tank to fully explore it more. I was not going to take anymore unnecessary risks. A giant octopus kept coming into mind, as I thought about checking the ship. I’m sure that’s my subconscious mind telling me, it’s a bad idea. For that rare occasion, I listened to it wholeheartedly.

Sea turtle with fish on it’s back photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Started moving away from the ship and I turned to see another turtle. This time, this one had a fish on it’s back. I’m pretty such we all have that one friend who reminds us of that fish.

Sea turtle with fish. photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

It’s hard to believe all this wild life could be gone within my lifespan. Imagine how messed up the world would be without this ecosystem. I’m not guilt tripping anyone here or trying to make people feel bad. I just want us to be aware. I never used to care about these things because I didn’t think it would effect me. I highly recommend you all to take that vacation to your dream destination. Unfortunately, we eventually kick the bucket and for the looks of it, that bucket list destination could too.

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Swimming with sharks in Shark Ray Alley

Yes, you read right. I went swimming with sharks. I have been doing some wild stuff this year. Needed to break out of my comfort zone and grow as a person. You can’t live inside your mental box forever.

Looking at the Nurse sharks from the boat photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

After going around the Barrier Reef, we went to shark ray alley. This part of Hol Chan had been made a tourist attraction due to all the sharks and sting rays. Tourists would swim with these dangerous and majestic creatures.

Underwater look of the sharks photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

I was the third to jump in. We had some courageous people on our tour. They knew all about sharks and the Marine Wildlife. It was a young professional couple who were marine biologists. They were traveling the world together after finishing their master’s degrees.

More underwater photo of the shark photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Getting in the water with these sharks was nerve wrecking. I kept my distances like a kid not wanting to eat broccoli. Still I was in awe with the sharks. You see them in movies and in the zoo. However, seeing them in person with no glass separating you was once in a life time experience.

A closer look of the nurse shark photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Started to swim closer to where the action was. The sharks looked like gentle animals that just wanted food. I kept getting a harmless vibe from these sharks. I saw the couple practically in the middle of where the sharks were eating. The sharks were feasting on the droppings the tour guides were leaving. Knowing what they were, the marine biologists even touched them. When I saw this at the time, I seriously thought these people were crazy.

Another closer look of the nurse shark photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

So these sharks are actually nurse sharks. They are like the couch potatoes of the shark family. Usually found in shallow waters and they are bottom feeders. Nurse sharks do not attack humans, unless they feel antagonisted. There have only been 5 recorded attacks from these somewhat gentle beasts. Even though their mouths are filled with sharp teeth, it’s not big enought to rip a limb off. It’s almost getting like bitten by a dog.

What I call “underwater grass” photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Keeping my distances, I was still in awe with the nurse sharks. They reminded me of dogs. The way the sharks moved had me thinking of my pets at home. Sometimes you forget how smart wildlife can be. As I was thinking about this, a nurse shark swam under me. One of the most scariest moments on this trip and probably the year. At the time, I did not know much about sharks. So of course, I thought I skipped death.

A sting ray photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

While still being in the water, I saw a sting ray. It was about 40 feet away from me. Heard the stories about these creatures. I was definitely not wanting to pet this animal. It was fine just looking from afar. Being in this underwater world has really changed my views. This experience made me wonder. Who’s more deadlier, humans or sharks? Life is so amazing. Truly glad to have witnessed this Marine ecosystem.

Thank you for reading. Much love and safe travels!

About three of you had a sneek peak of this post. Accidentally, pressed the publish buttom trying to preview. Anyways, thank you for being patience.

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Facing reality while Swimming through the Second Biggest Barrier Reef

This is something not many people know about Belize. Belize’s Barrier Reef is part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System. Commonly known as the Great Mayan Reef. It was such a great opportunity to able to swim and see it in person.

unhealthy coral photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Being the second largest Coral Reef in the world, I couldn’t believe all the colors that my eyes were seeing. I was breathlessly taken away with all the corals. I went scuba diving before but, seeing that the corals are alive reminded me how amazing unwater life is.

More unhealthy coral photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

The corals kept moving like an animal made out of stone would. It’s still crazy to see rocks move on their own. Seeing the fish hiding under and in between the corals made feel like the cameraman in Finding Nemo 2.

photos of the great Mayan reef photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Still in awe, I kept swimming with my group. Trying to keep up, I kept taking photos. Always at the end of the group, the tour guides kept pointing to keep up with the pack. However, it was hard for me to not stop every ten feet of swimming.

more photo of the Mayan barrier reef photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

There was a point where the water became shallow that the Reef was almost sticking out. Had to swim back a little so I wouldn’t get cut and attract sharks. Well, we would still attract sharks; however, that’s a story for another post.

photo courtesy of Hugo Morel
photo courtesy of Hugo Morel
photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Looking back, all the photos I took had signs of unhealthy coral. When the water’s temperature starts to rise, the coral almost start a process of suicide. The coral will start becoming white through a natural bleaching. Through this bleaching, the coral will start hardening and with time will die. Experiencing climate change twice in less than two weeks, made really think twice about our current atmosphere’s health. The ice glacier in Iceland, I saw last week, was about to melt and the second biggest barrier reef on the verge of death. We really need to look at ourselves in the mirror and face reality. Our world is changing and we are one of the main reasons for it. I just hope these nature’s beauty will last long enough for my future children to be able see them.

Thank you for reading. Much love and safe travels!

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Snorkeling through Belize’s Hol Chan Marine Reserve

One of the biggest tourist attractions in Belize is Hol Chan. Off the coast of Caye Caulker, Hol Chan is majestically beautiful. People from all over the world come to this wonderful display of nature.

Snorkeling in the Caribbean sea photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Hol Chan means little channel in Mayan. The water makes you feel that you are swimming in the sky. The water is so clear at parts. It’s hard to believe that this was not a swimming pool.

Fish of the Caribbean Sea photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

I knew my gopro would come in handy. As I was taking the photos, all I could think about was showing you all this experience. It’s such a blessing to be swimming in the Caribbean. May I remind you all, this was in the end of February/ early March.



Photos courtesy of Hugo Morel

Our tour guide started taking photos as well. He had his own gopro. The more photos he started taking, the more I thought about his intentions. He is taking photos to keep his business afloat. Those are not my reasons now. I take these photos for you all. I read some of you can’t travel due to illnesses or other reasons. I’m blessed to be able to show you all the world through my photos.

Another photo of the Caribbean sea photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Snapped back into reality, our group continued to go further into the sea. I had to catch up. I was too busy being lost in my thoughts, while my group kept swimming. Swam like a dolphin swimming for it’s life. I’m not about to get lost in the sea.

The crystal blue water kept taking my breath away, in all ways possible. The beauty left me speechless and the sea’s currents would occasionally give me a mouthful of salty water. Wouldn’t trade this moment for anything in the world.

Turtle in the wild photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Eventually, I saw a turtle. I have seen turtles before but never one in the wild. It looked so peaceful and moved slow. The turtle truly had the Caribbean attitude.

In this underwater paradise, my worries and stress were gone. For once in a long time, I felt like I was finally on vacation. Lost in the feeling of the moment, I got on the boat. Our next underwater adventure was about to start.

Thank you for reading. Much love and safe travels!

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Exploring around Caye Caulker, Belize

The majority of my stay in Belize was in Caye Caulker. Caye Caulker is a small island off the coast of Belize. South of San Pedro, the island of Caye Caulker has a very slow attitude towards life. Something that enjoy throughout my time here.

a map of belize, caye caulker is in bold text photo courtesy of

To get to Caye Caulker, I had to take a ferry from Belize city to the small island’s water taxi station. It was about an hour ride and worth the view. My friend and family back in New York City are probably freezing at the moment. It was beginning of March, still winter in the USA. This Caribbean Island’s temperature was my guilty pleasure. It was crazy to believe a few days ago, I was freezing in Iceland.

Taking the water taxi photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Once on the island, you can feel the real Caribbean pace. Everything runs slower and more peacefully. Everybody is relaxed and without stress. With the reggae music blasting somewhere in the background, I felt at home. The vibe felt like my childhood. Reminded me of my family members telling thier stories of living in the Caribbean. This atmosphere brought so much nostalgia.

How the homes look like in Caye Caulkers photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

The people of Belize are astounding. They are a mixture of African, Mayan, East Indian, British and Spanish. This combination is so interesting to me. It’s like seeing your Mexican and Guatemalan friends speak English with a Caribbean accent. I almost forgot that Belize is an English speaking country. The only one in Central America. Some families speak Spanish fluently at home. However, it’s usually descendants of Mexicans, Guatemalans immigrants and the local native population. They kept the Spanish language alive by speaking it at home. Most can understand Spanish but, speak it like third generation Hispanics in the USA. It’s somewhat broken.

The reggae cafe photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Reggae is huge here. It’s so infused with the local culture. Makes sense since, Belize is more culturally similar to the Caribbean island nations. Besides the Mayan roots, the other Central American countries do not have much in common with Belize. The language barrier is a strong influence towards the cultural differences. You all know the reggae cafe was the first place I ate at. The food was so amazing, I just focused on eating. Taking photos slipped my mind.

Caye Caulker’s beaches photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Started walking around after eating, Caye Caulker is extremely small. You can walk around the whole island in about 40 mins. There weren’t any real cars on the island. Just a few golf carts used for taxis and the occasional small truck delivering food. This is a place, I could see myself retiring. Away from the stress and a way to live like the Caribbean lifestyle should be truly lived.

Thank you for reading. Much love and safe travels!

Ps.. Next week the underwater photos will be in the post. I have been waiting for a while to show you all this!

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Belize, here I come!

This was the first time in a long time that I visited a Central American country. Belize, was truly something to be excited about. Home to the second biggest Barrier reef, I couldn’t wait to show you all the photos.

Me holding my gopro photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

For this trip, I definitely had to buy a camera that took underwater photos. Belize has some awesome Caribbean beaches. The whole time I was at the store, I kept thinking how beautiful the photos would look. You all are in store for some very beautiful photos with crystal clear water coming in a few weeks.

Waiting at the Charlotte International Airport photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Had to do an overnight layover in Charlotte, North Carolina. Came during the worst time. It was during the NBA All-Star weekend. So, there was no point of going out of the airport to find a hotel. If I had, I would have extra stress getting back to the airport with all the traffic from the All-Star games.

The door of my room at the lounge photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Found an overnight lounge for a decent price. It’s crazy how my room was named after the local football team. If you are ever at the Charlotte airport during an overnight layover, keep in mind that the airport shuts down after around 10 pm. The security will kick you out, if they see you wondering around later than 11pm. Best to find a lounge or some overnight accommodation.


Belize photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

After a goodnight sleep, I woke up and went towards my departure gate. The best thing about most overnight lounges, you don’t have to recheck yourself through security in the morning. Got on my flight, slept like a baby during the flight.

Next thing I knew, I was in Belize. My adventures in this country were about to begin! Couldn’t wait to see the Caribbean Blue waters!

Thank you for reading. Much love and safe travels!

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