Month: September 2016

Hey guys

Sorry, my post will be on this coming monday. In Cairo right now and the wifi at hotel is not good.  Love you all 😊

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Denmark without the Vikings

Denmark, the land of the Vikings. If you think Denmark is only about Thor, then you are mistaken. There are parks to sleep in. After a 9 hour overnight flight, we landed in Copenhagen, Denmark. Tried and confused, we walked outside the airport. We had a six hour layover. Layovers are wonderful, if you see…

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Thank you and I’m back

Hello!! Just wanted to say thank you for reading my posts. I love you all.  We reached over a 1000 followers!!!  Just came back from Europe. Will return to the regular posting next week. Also, heading to Cairo during Eid. Can’t wait to share you all my experiences. You all will love it! Stay safe!!…

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