Denmark without the Vikings

Denmark, the land of the Vikings. If you think Denmark is only about Thor, then you are mistaken. There are parks to sleep in.

After a 9 hour overnight flight, we landed in Copenhagen, Denmark. Tried and confused, we walked outside the airport. We had a six hour layover. Layovers are wonderful, if you see it as an opportunity to have a new country or city added to your itinerary for the price of one.

Denmark, to our surprise, is very green. Also, the country had a very relax atmosphere. People we were not in a rush. The parks were not filled with people. Streets and cross ways had few to no people.

The picture above is how you enter a park in Denmark. Part of our group played American football; while, I took a nap.

The airport looks like an automatic gun.

Denmark is a beautiful country. A country that I will revisit in the future. This country has a lot to offer and you will not be able to see it all in one day.

Thank you so much for reading! I love you guys! Next week we will be in Poland. Have a great week and stay healthy.

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