Month: April 2016

Capoeira with Canada’s indigenous

Canada is such a beautiful country with many incredible people. Sadly, no country is without social issues. A major social problem we saw in Canada was the many challenges the indigenous people face. Many indigenous people live in reserves with self goverments. The others that live outside of the reserves, tend to have harder lives.…

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Nature photo challenge 6: Brooklyn

This photo was taken in Brooklyn, New York. The beauty of this photo is breathtaking. After a heavy snowstorm, beauty is created. The rule for 7-Day Nature Photo Challenge is simple. Just post your favorite nature photo and nominate another blogger every day, for 7 days. I was nominated by becomingdeutsch. For my Day 6…

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Nature photo challenge 5: Dubai

These photos were all taken by my beautiful girlfriend in Dubai. She is amazing and wonderful. On her bussiness trip, she took these photos with me in mind. It’s funny, that the world pictures Dubai as a city in a desert and sand; however, Dubai also has lots of greenery. The rule for 7-Day Nature…

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