A taste of Brazil in a small Canadian city

Finally, the moment and reason for coming to Canada was here. The city of Brandon was going to have more flavor. It was an experience to remember.

Capoeria is not very known to many people, as other marital arts are. It was our job to show this small city what this art was about. To my surprise, Canadians are very open minded to new cultures. They were willing to learn more about other cultures, at the very least.

Many people from all over Canada came to vist our event. Very important people came to see us. It was an amazing feeling to be able to open thier horizons.
I was unofficially in charge of the Brazilian sovenier shop. Since I have a background in sales and bussiness, the job was somewhat forced on me. Even though, playing capoeira was what really excited me. None the less, I sold majority of the items seen on the table. In one day, I made over 330 Canadian dollars. The lowest I made in a day, was 123 dollars.

The performance was amazing. Many people cheered us on. We played Capoeria and danced Zumba. The energy from the audience was what kept us going. A whole day, from 10 am to 11 pm. We made sure that this little city in Canada knew what Brazilian culture was about.


Thank you for reading this post. We reached a 1000 likes!! I’m honoured for you all to like my stories. Many thanks!! Next week we will go to experience Ethiopian culture!! Much love and stay healthy!

16 thoughts on “A taste of Brazil in a small Canadian city

  1. This is cool! We Finns have in Brazil a very popular place called “Little Finland” in the town of Penedo. It is famous about its Saturday nights dances on the Club. There people, also Brazilians, dance old Finnish folk dances. In next week I tell little mora about this Little Finland in Brazil.

    Happy blogging!

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