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Travel horror story at Motel 6

Didn’t think I was going to survive on this. Well, maybe I’m being a little dramatic right now. However, the story I’m about to tell you will make you feel uncomfortable with this motel brand. We were going to Richmond, Virginia for a business event. All the nearby hotels were full. The only choice was…

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How to use the Paris subway

Now, Paris is a very expensive city. Taking a taxi from the international airports will cost an arm and a leg. The most affordable way to get around Paris is through it’s metro system. I took the train from the Charles De Gaulle airport shuttle. It left me infornt of a subway entrance. Watch out…

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The Gypsies of Paris

Now, something that is truly synonymous with Paris is begging. Unfortunately, when you go to France’s capital there will be a lot of gypsies begging. Sometimes, they come to you asking for your information. Other times, they will go out their way to help you in the subway for a few euros or to pickpocket…

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