Month: January 2020

Who were the Italians before Rome?

When we think about Italy, we automatically think of Rome. However, Rome wasn’t the only ancient civilization in Italy. There were actually quite a few. However, none influenced Rome like Etruscan. Hopefully, this post will spread some light on a civilization often living in the shadows of rome. The Etruscans dominated Italy before the rise…

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Off to Shannon, Ireland!

Never been to Ireland nor had an interest in really going, besides seeing Dublin. However, when you see cheap tickets to Ireland it’s hard to say no. Only paid 250 for the roundtrip flight. After a crazy day, I was off to the land of the green leprechaun. It took about 5 and a half…

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Happy New year everyone!!!

We want to give you a warm welcome to 2020! Truly hope that all your goals become a reality! Saw that some of you  have accomplished your goals and beyond! We are sending only positivity your way!  I have a lot of countries to go over with you all! Countries like China, Norway and Morocco. …

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