Happy New year everyone!!!

We want to give you a warm welcome to 2020! Truly hope that all your goals become a reality! Saw that some of you  have accomplished your goals and beyond! We are sending only positivity your way!  new-year-christmas-effect-happy-cover-16638

I have a lot of countries to go over with you all! Countries like China, Norway and Morocco.  I can not wait to share them with everyone of you! Keep on a lookout for our YouTube channel! New styles of content coming on that platform and on facebook! Also, for those coming to New York City we will have something special in store for you later down the year. Lastly,  more guidebooks coming your way with some extra content!


Remember this, one year can really change your life. Keep working on your goals and keep pushing closer towards your dreams! Life is truly amazing when you can learn to smile and have hope for a better future! Stay safe everyone and much love!! Also, shutout to Rochelle for becoming a doctor last year! Here is the link for her website! For an inside look of Jamaica from a local, definitely check her website out!  Wishing you all tons of health and success this year as well!



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  1. Happy New Year! Thanks for all the great posts this year. I appreciate you nominating me for the Sunshine Award. I plan to do a shout out and link to your blog on my next post. I’m intending to write that today. We’ll see 🙂

      1. Thanks…actually..I’ve been out if the private therapy biz for several years. After we get the Shift complete and the new timeline installed, I have much more public worldwide work to do 🙂

      2. Wish you much success Regradless 🙂 Sounds like you are about to have your hand full helping for the good, if we everything goes well. Can’t wait to read!

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