Reminiscing on the Italian countryside (last post of The year)

Our time in Florence was done, we had to leave. We decided to drive overnight, so we could arrive at our next destination during day light hours. I was not driving, so I didn’t complain.

Florence, Italy at night photo courtesy of Hugo Morel  

Not sure if any of you have ever did an overnight drive, it usually involves sleeping in uncomfortable positions. If you are the driver or drivers, it means you have to drink a lot coffee. Luckily we were in Italy, there were decent amount of coffee brands here. Most Italian cafes/bars usually do not charge more than an 1.5 euro for a cup. That is something definitely worth remembering. I’m not much of a coffee person, so this suggestion may hold much value to most caffeine enthusiasts.  However, I really enjoyed the Lavazza coffee. It’s a Italian brand of coffee. To me, it tasted better than anything you can get at Starbucks.

somewhere in Italy photo courtesy of Hugo Morel 

Woke up a few hours later, somewhere in the countryside of Italy. I had no idea where we were are at. All I knew was we were somewhere in Italy. It’s hard to picture how far we drove and what city or town was nearby. Time and distance became foreign to me.

Somewhere in the middle of Italy photo courtesy of Hugo Morel 

I got lost in my mind like most tired travelers on the road usually do. Of course, you always have those people on a road trip asking, “Are we there yet?” Then came that one person who wanted to play the I Spy game. We kindly told them to stop and just enjoy the view. Since we don’t know, if we will ever see such beauty again.

Passing an Italian hay farm photo courtesy of Hugo Morel  

As the distractions quieted down, I started to embrace the moment. Italy looks so much like California. I know mentioned this before but the hills and the yellow grass reminded me of when I was a kid. The memories of my parents and relatives doing road trips to all parts of California came up. From Lake Tahoe to San Diego, seeing the state to the fullest were memories I hold dear in my mind.  I didn’t realized it at that time, my family were doing their best to open our horizons. They wanted to make sure we knew there was a life for us outside of all the negativity. In the end, it worked. My cousins and I that went on those road trips didn’t fall into the traps. None of us ended in jail or prison, which is difficult to say coming from the places we lived or grew up. I can not recommend enough how important travel should be to the development of the younger generations.

Screenshot of viewers and their countries

Just want to say Thank you much everyone!! This year has been a great experience of personal and professional growth. I hope to continue showing you all the world! We grew so much on views for this blog. It’s really hard to believe people from all over the world actually like reading what you have to say.  Hope you all had an awesome year and that all your goals for 2020 are accomplished. Stay safe and healthy!

Thank you so much for reading!!! Much love!

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  1. Amazing stats! Congratulations!

    I can imagine that Italy would especially look like the area between San Francisco/Sacramento and San Diego. Looks like a great trip!

    1. Thank you so much katelon. Your support has been very appreciated. Yeah,Italy really reminds me of napa or Sonoma. However, every part of California , besides the desert and upstate, could be on a Italian postcard. Nobody will notice

      1. I appreciate the connection and relationship with you all. I don’t follow blogs to get bloggers to follow my blog. I follow to read the blogs and build relationships. You have reciprocated and I appreciate that.

      2. I don’t others to get others to follow me. I did that my first month on here. It doesn’t work plus i enjoy making friends on here. I love reading your posts when i get the chance. Your view on the universe is mind opening. You should write a book on it, if you haven’t already. I would be excited to readm

  2. I was born to a Greek island near Italy, Corfu, that has similar architect, but im planning to visit this summer! Nice blog, I like that you mix your travel journal with personal stories. And i hope one Day, hopefully soon enough, I Will be able to say that my passport is overused too! 😊🎯

  3. Gosh, I would love to visit Italy! It’s my top country to visit next. I especially love going on holiday to more rural parts of the country – as lovely as the more touristy places are, there’s something more rustic about seeing the countryside.

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