Boat Ride through Florida’s Everglades

It was a couple of days before the Memorial Day weekend in Miami. So, I decided to go to Florida’s famous Everglades. About two days before my friends came to Miami. It was a nice 2014 Spring day and I was in store for an amazing experience.

photo edited by Hugo Morel

At my hostel, I was speaking to the staff. After making some friends, one of them informed me to take a boat tour on the everglades. It is always a good idea to make friends with locals. They recommend you to local attractions that would be overlooked. I paid about 80 dollars for the whole experience. The 80 dollars included the bus ride to and from my hostel.

air-boat tour, Hugo morel

After a 45 minute bus ride, we finally arrived to the Everglades. The air-boats fit about 7 people. If you don’t feel comfortable, you can always sit in the middle of the boat. You are less likely to fall over and get bitten by agitator (just joking).

air-boat. Hugo Morel

Once on the air-boat, we got to see more of the Everglades. It is truly a beautiful place. You can spot tons of wildlife everywhere you turn. From turtles to agitators.


Unfortunately, due to the strange weather patterns, the Everglades are becoming too shallow for boats to pass through. Many people will be out of work. Beautiful nature is being destroyed. Do what you can to support! Try to recycle more!

Beauty Of the Everglades, edited and taken by Hugo Morel

After the boat tour, you can visit the gift shop. Not many interesting items expect the alligator tail and teeth. If you eat meat, they also sell alligator meat. They also let you pet baby alligators. When you are in Miami, definitely stop by the Everglades.

A Real agitator, Hugo Morel

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