What does being an American mean?

My whole life I always wondered about this. What does being an American mean? I constantly struggled with this. Even when I’m traveling. I get asked, “where am I from?” I would tell them  I am American. They would reply with, “but, where are you really from?” Most of the time, there is no malice with that question.  Although, I have gotten used to it.  There are times, it makes me self-reflect. I was born and raised in the USA. I have family members in the USA military.  My grandparents came here 80 years ago and have been living in the same apartment for over 60 years.  However,  I  never felt American. In the last few months, we have seen some of the worst and troubling times in recent history. Businesses closing down, lockdowns, mass graves, social distancing, and protests. Yet, there is no unity. We haven’t been united in these issues.


For those who have been following us for a while, know that I’m Hispanic with African roots. In the Spanish language, Americans are people from the continents of North and South America.  As corny as this sounds, United-Statesian is the real term for the people with citizenship to the USA in Spanish. Going with the English term, American means people from the United States of America. These last couple of weeks have shown that the states in the USA are not united. It has become really divided. Divided by opinions, this country has become a place of turmoil.


I love the USA. This is the place where I grew up. Also hopefully. the same place where my kids can grow up.  However, I have been thinking about moving to another country lately. The mistreatment of civilians by the police has been shamefully brutal.  People just expressing their rights being run over by horses and cop cars. The USA has been bleeding.

Hopefully, as Americans celebrate 4th of July, we should really reflect on what does it mean to be American. This is a country of immigrants from all over the world.  The USA is full of diversity. If this post offends you, then you really need to look in the mirror and ask yourself. “What is it that really bothers me about this?” Although change doesn’t happen overnight, it starts with people taking small steps towards a goal.  Glad, I am able to have friends from different backgrounds. Also, I am honored to be able to experience/learn through friends: juneteenth. learn about the struggle of eastern European countries, learn about the Islamic culture, the struggles women have in the middle east,  Latin American politics, the differences between Asian cultures, the struggles LGBTQ have around the world, and how to be a person that care about others.  The USA is diverse. Division only really benefits politicians and the super-rich.

Seeing downtown Brooklyn during the lockdown

Yes, I know going out is bad. We should stay at home. However, amazon takes forever to delivery groceries and target in downtown brooklyn is open. My food supply at home was running low.  SO, I had no choice but to explore the wasteland known as epidemic lockdown.

The street leading to Barclays center photo couresty of Hugo Morel

When I got to the road that leads to the barclays center,  I was still shocked. It hard to believe that the street where NBA games, music concerts and large events is this empty during daylight. The only time I saw this was during hurricane sandy. I watched it from home.  A place usually filled with people and cars is now traffic less. It felt like I was in a horror movie.

Downtown brooklyn looking trafficless photo couresty of Hugo Morel

In case you don’t know, lockdown in new york city has been extended to the middle of June. Many people are becoming restless and are ignoring the lockdown. I’m not one of them, I’m only out to buy food.  However, New Yorkers are known to not follow rules. This city’s character have always been like that. I hope another wave of outbreaks is not on the horizon. LA has already been closed down to August. Two of USA’s biggest cities are still closed. I can just hope this does not cause long lasting problems to the economy post lockdown. Only time will tell but we still have hope. That is something these hard times can’t take away from us. Unless, we let them.

Just outside of target photo couresty of Hugo Morel

Got to target and it was a mad house. I never seen a place so full before in person. The line started outside of the store just to get in.  Luckily, it wasn’t too bad compared to what I have seen online. I got what I needed and it was time to go back home. Which felt like a cocoon at this point. As corny as this sounds, when this lockdown ends hopefully my “cocoon” will make me become a better person. *cringe alert*

Stay safe everyone and remember to wash your hands!

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How traveling saved my life

Been wanting to share this for a while now. I was just reluctant to expose myself to the world. Everything I’m about to express and share is true. I want you all to know that I’m not a trust fund baby that travels the world.  I’m really lucky to be where I’m at. A lot of it is thanks to you all!

**warning: I’m going let my heart out on this post**

As a kid, I wasn’t much of a shoe-in for being a productive member of society. In fact, I was anti-society. My future didn’t look too bright. It looked more orange behind bars with not a lot of sunlight. Let me dive in a little deeper.

Photo of me when I was 12

When I was 8 years old, the police came into my home looking for me. A couple of friends and I messed up a person’s car we didn’t like. We left threatening mail into his mailbox saying, “we were going to destroy him next time he disrespects us.” We were young and didn’t really know better. Everybody around us was doing it. We thought messing up people’s cars was normal. By chance, the victim didn’t press any charges. So we never got any time. However, we got time out from our parents.

3 years into the future, I got in trouble again. This time, I was caught stealing iPods. (Hopefully, you all remember those.) I would steal them hoping to sell for a 100 percent profit. I was young and didn’t know any better. Wanted money and jobs were not hiring an eleven-year-old. For some reason, the victim did not press any charges. Since I gave back his iPod and accepted my mistake. That was twice, I almost got arrested at a young age.

San Francisco 

Now, this is when travel really got introduced to my life. Majority of my family lives in the New York City Area. I kept getting in trouble in California. So, my dad made sure I would get out of that environment every Christmas and summer break. He would send me to New York City to learn more about my family roots. I got to see another world that not many people who looked like me ever did. It gave me a different outlook on life. I started seeing what was important and what wasn’t. This would help me so much in high school.

new york 

A common theme with my friends I grew up with, high school is what changed everything. Everybody that I was close with as a kid started joining gangs and selling drugs. They wanted to live that thug life and be respected by everybody in our city. That was what all they knew. Our city and neighborhood, they wanted to put it on the crime map. Friends that were closed to me wanted to cause me harm because of who I grew up with. I didn’t fall into this trap because I saw another world that was not this. I was no longer apart of this self-destructive mentality anymore because my horizons were expanded, due to travel. Some of my closest childhood friends, were targets of drive-bys.  By some miracle, they are alive.  If I didn’t see another world other than the streets when I was young,  I probably would have ended up like a lot of the people I grew up with.  Many are in jail or just dangerous to be around. I had a few people close to me that died due to gun violence. For these reasons, are why I’m so passionate about traveling. It literally has changed my mindset and saved my life.


In memory of a friend that taught me to never give up. You always had some joke to say. Thank you for teaching me how to be a good-hearted person. Rest in peace Frank Serafin.  I  will never get over the fact, I’m living my life and you are not.

I have been able to start legal businesses, travel to over 30 countries and learned to enjoy the moment. Once again, thank you for all your kind deeds that you never asked for anything in return.

Getting dragged into a soccer (football ⚽) rally in the USA?

The good thing about having friends is when you are down, they try to understand. As a last effort of trying to understand my situation, my friends invited me to a soccer game. I didn’t think too much of it at first. However, this event would change my outlook on the American culture.

Hudson River taken by Hugo Morel

Started off as a normal day of hanging out at the park. Saw a beautiful view of the Hudson River and had to take a photo. One of my friends called me asking, if I would like to go to a soccer game for a local professional team. I agreed, since I wanted to take my mind off all the changes that were happening to me.

Red bulls rally taken by Hugo Morel

Took the Jersey transit to go to the red bulls arena. The trip was actually very short from Pennsylvania station in New York City. Eventually, met my friend who was really pushing me to buy a red shirt. Of course, me being the “socially aware” person I am, I wore blue. The team the NY red bulls were facing had blue jerseys. Apparently, this is was like walking to a gang territory wearing the wrong colors. By the photo above, you can see how much they love red.

People starting fires taken by Hugo Morel

Somehow and someway, I got dragged into a rally. They shut down the whole street. Everyone was either drunk or just crazy passionate fans. They started fires in the middle of the road. Cars couldn’t go through. Had no idea how I got into this, I was just following the crowd. Moral of the story, never follow a group of sport fans.

Red bulls arena taken by Hugo Morel

When I got to the stadium and never in my wildest dreams did I expected Americans to be so excited about “soccer”/football! Growing up, the only sports that mattered were basketball, baseball and American football (the one with tackling, Sundays nights and tons of beer). I had to pinch myself a bit. Seriously thought, I never left Europe for a second. Unless, the San Francisco Bay Area’s cultural importance on sports wasn’t the American norm.

Game starting taken by Hugo Morel

So apparently, my friend hooked me up with seats that only loyal paying fans were allowed to sit. It was very chaotic! Very minute, there was a new song about the red bulls. All I kept thinking was, “all this for a soccer game?” “Am I really in the USA right now?” Still stunned, I saw a fan running into the field. I couldn’t believe it. I expected this for American football games, not for soccer.

Random guy being taken off the field taken by Hugo Morel

Not entirely sure what was going on in his brain at that moment. However, the guy didn’t look too proud. Seriously, still can’t believe this was an American soccer game. Ironically, the next big trip was I going to make, is a country where soccer is the national sport.

Forgot who won, to be honest. The whole time, I was just overwhelmed at the culture shock. My friend showed me that there’s more to the American culture than what is on the Media. In this diverse and beautiful country, there’s something for everybody. Regardless of your interest, this country gives you the freedom to express your hobbies and passions.

Thank you for reading!! Much love!! Have an awesome weekend!!


I was on that plane full of sick people this Wednesday 😅

Hey, everyone!

Just wanted to change the pace a little. Since you probably already heard. There was a plane coming from Dubai that landed in JFK. Apparently, there was about 100 sick people on it. I was on that plane and I was not sick.

So many crazy events happened on that plane. So let me tell you about them. *Spoiler alert* we will be revisiting Dubai sometime soon on this blog.

Taken by Hugo Morel

So it all started at the gate, we got our bags searched three times. I understand the reason for it; however, it makes you feel unwelcomed to the USA.

Brought to you by Google

I got into the plane and was walking to my seat. A guy asked me if I was sitting on 70k, I told him I was. The man asked if we can change seats because his mom was sitting next to me and she wasn’t feeling too well. So I gave up my sit and moved to his seat. About 10 mins later, another man came to me and asked, “do you mind if we switched seats?” “You are sitting next to my wife and I want to sit next to her on the plane ride.” I didn’t think too much about it. He lead me to his seat, which was in business class. So I got an upgrade for free! What were the chances?

I sat on my business seat and slept. I met an awesome dentist and a real estate developer. They were awesome people.

After about 8 hours of sleep and 2 superhero movies, we got to New York. We had no idea what was going on the plane. The airlines staff seemed worried about something. We were greeted to a group of flashing lights from police cars to ambulances. Out of nowhere, vanilla ice came out. At first, I didn’t know who this guy was. I just thought he talked alot and his jokes were somewhat funny.

Brought to you by google

Anyways, we got out of the plane and we were taken into the airport by shuttle buses. People were wearing masks like we were coming into the states with a new zombie virus. The media loves to over stress situations. By the way, the sickness was just the common cold. so dramatic…

Taken by Hugo Morel

Here is the link to the whole the over dramatized event. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/flights/2018/09/05/emirates-flight-203-what-happens-next-stricken-passengers/1202379002/

Thanks for reading. We will go to Rome sometime soon, I promise. Haha

Just wanted to say thank you

Hello everyone! Just wanted to say thank you for your support! We reached over 1340 followers!! Another awesome milestone accomplished! We have so much more content for you all that we can’t wait to share!! Places like Europe, Asia and Africa! Have a great weekend and stay safe!

My hometown, San Francisco

Hey guys, sorry I did not post last week. I was with family that I have not seen in years. This post will be about my hometown San Francisco.

San Francisco is the city of counter culture. Many movements started here like the gay rights and the free love movements.

The city by the bay is famous of it’s bridges. One bridge that is usually left in the shadow is the Bay Bridge. This bridge was destroyed during the 80’s earthquake. It was rebulit and became a symbol to locals. We San Franciscans view this bridge as sign of inspiration to get back up when you fall.

Coit tower, as shown in the picture above, is a beautiful landmark. Make sure visit it, when you are in the city by the bay.  There are paintings and artworks for sale.

San Francisco is the most beautiful city in California and the western hemisphere. My views might be a little biased; however, you can not blame me. When you come here, you will understand the reason people leave thier hearts in San Francisco.

Thank you for reading!! Excuse the late post. Spending time with family is worth all the money in the world. Next week, we will  be in Munich, Germany. Stay safe!!

Brooklyn’s art center

The neighborhood of Bushwick, known for it’s artistic views of life and hipsters. Bushwick has changed a lot over the years. This area has become “the Mecca” of graffiti.

Walking down Bushwick’s street, it is easy to get lost in the colorful atmosphere. The detail in the street art is mind-blowing. The biggest mystery of them all: the artist’s climbing skills. The skills needed to be able to reach that high on buildings, is out of this world.

Bushwick has changed so much over the years. Once crime infested, the area has become more calm. The area was very Latino at one point. Puerto Ricans and Dominicans would be seen in almost every block. Now, the area has welcomed hipsters and hipsterish people.

Hipsters are some interesting people. They look homeless but they are not. With hipsters comes vegan restaurants. The one cuisine that keeps showing on this blog is Ethiopian. My friend and I went to an Ethiopian restaurant not knowing they were going to tender the vegan side to the cuisine. We should had known better, since it is a hipster’s Bushwick now.

Needless to say, the food was still amazing. I love food!! (expect seafood, it’s a hard knock life)

Thank you for taking your time to read this post! Next week, I will answer a question one of my readers asked. Have a safe week and stay healthy.

How do I travel so much?

Okay, so this is a response to a reader of mine. The reader asked the question that is on the title of this post. I will give you tips on how to travel more and make less excuses.

The main reason I can travel is that I save money throughout the year. Cutting expenses can go a really long way. Instead of buying the most expensive labels, buy a lesser known label product that gets the job done. You will be surprised how far this can go. Five dollars may not mean much at that time; however, with in time five dollars can equal a plane ticket. Think about, you save about 35 dollars on your next purchase of clothes. Let’s say you do that every month, times that by twelve. You save four hundred and twenty dollars. That money could be used for a plane ticket.

My second reason, I am very cheap. I do not mind sleeping in hostels. It’s way cheaper than hotels. I paid 8 dollars a night in Miami. If I would had gotten a hotel room, the price would had been 20 times more for one night. Also, another way in being cheap is to use sites that compare plane tickets prices. Websites like Expedia and apps like Skyscanner are great at comparing prices.

My third reason/tip, I’m careful on what to spend for transportation. I do not rent a car because it is too much. Renting a car on a trip can cost you anywhere from 50 to 120 dollars a day. It is better to use public transportation and/or Uber. Uber will cost you about 15 to 20 dollars one way depending how far your hostel is from the main touristy areas. That is about forty dollars a day. It’s even cheaper if you use public transportation. At most, it would be six to 7 dollars round trip to your destination. I am mainly talking about the USA on prices. Outside you would be different but same idea. Since Uber is pretty much everywhere now.

My last piece of advice is to avoid eating out. Eating out can cost a lot of money in the long-term, so instead of spending a fortune at restaurants, cook and eat at home. By doing this, I save from $100 to $200 dollars a month, that’s $1200 to $2400 a year! Just by eating at home and following these tips, I am able to save enough money to travel and follow my wanderlust.

Thanks for taking your time to read this post. Next week we will be writing about the city of Cairo, Egypt. Have a great week and stay healthy!!

A Camping trip to Cairo, New York

I was invited by a group of friends to go camping in upstate New York. The invite was exciting. The activities that they had in store were going to be an interesting experience.

It started with a three hour bus ride. That ride, was not as brutal as I planned. The struggle was made easier, due to a friend.

Ended up waiting for my invites to pick me up. The bus dropped me at Cairo’s downtown. The downtown was just a normal shopping square. The only place that looked familiar was dunkin’s. The picture above explains my views about the place. Frozen hot chocolate, think about that creation for a bit.

Once we arrived at the camp, it was astoundingly beautiful. The camp was very old fashion. It had an 18th century feel to it. If only the buildings’ walls could talk, they would have tons of stories to tell.

So here it goes, my embarrassing moment. It all started as a race. We were all in canoes. Three teams in a group of three. The race started and not even ten feet, we flip over. We try again, two more feet then we flipped over the second time. We gave up in pure frustration and embarrassment. At least, we made everbody smile.

Thank you for taking your time to read this post. Next week we will be exploring Brooklyn more in detail. Have a great week and stay healthy!

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