Seeing downtown Brooklyn during the lockdown

Yes, I know going out is bad. We should stay at home. However, amazon takes forever to delivery groceries and target in downtown brooklyn is open. My food supply at home was running low.  SO, I had no choice but to explore the wasteland known as epidemic lockdown.

The street leading to Barclays center photo couresty of Hugo Morel

When I got to the road that leads to the barclays center,  I was still shocked. It hard to believe that the street where NBA games, music concerts and large events is this empty during daylight. The only time I saw this was during hurricane sandy. I watched it from home.  A place usually filled with people and cars is now traffic less. It felt like I was in a horror movie.

Downtown brooklyn looking trafficless photo couresty of Hugo Morel

In case you don’t know, lockdown in new york city has been extended to the middle of June. Many people are becoming restless and are ignoring the lockdown. I’m not one of them, I’m only out to buy food.  However, New Yorkers are known to not follow rules. This city’s character have always been like that. I hope another wave of outbreaks is not on the horizon. LA has already been closed down to August. Two of USA’s biggest cities are still closed. I can just hope this does not cause long lasting problems to the economy post lockdown. Only time will tell but we still have hope. That is something these hard times can’t take away from us. Unless, we let them.

Just outside of target photo couresty of Hugo Morel

Got to target and it was a mad house. I never seen a place so full before in person. The line started outside of the store just to get in.  Luckily, it wasn’t too bad compared to what I have seen online. I got what I needed and it was time to go back home. Which felt like a cocoon at this point. As corny as this sounds, when this lockdown ends hopefully my “cocoon” will make me become a better person. *cringe alert*

Stay safe everyone and remember to wash your hands!

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  1. Staying at home doing nothing is bad for your health. Am not saying you attend gatherings but get out there, take a walk, breathe fresh air and recharge your soul.

  2. It’s been trippy from the beginning, how all of this happened overnight. I know my first thought was a scene from “The Walking Dead”. Thankfully, we’re not out forced to maintain our species existence from blood thirsty creatures, but our new normal isn’t any more comfortable. Glad you made it out and home safe.

  3. It’s very strange to see usually bustling places completely empty. I wrote a post about going to the school (where I teach) on a school day and the halls were empty and the bell still rang for passing periods… so creepy.

  4. Haven’t been there in a long time, weird to see things so quiet. Here in Austin it is similar but not nearly to that level. Hope you are doing well!

  5. This looks crazy! I live in a rural area with far fewer people but the grocery stores here have been nuts. I go really early in the morning to avoid the crowds and the crazies. Stay safe!!

  6. I perfectly understand what you say. Here in Italy we have been there first. It takes a while to get accostumes to the silence and the empty streets. But do you know what? it worked. We stayed at home for 80 days and, despite some minor rule infringments, we have respected the lockdown quite carefully. The scenario now is improving every day. Keep high hopes and everything will be ok. That is what we started saying here since the very beginning of the pandemic: “ANDRA’ TUTTO BENE”

  7. Getting groceries, medicines and essentials has been hazardous for us too.We are also living in a red zone,reading your blog, I felt so sorry.I pray to Lord, that soon everything become proper everywhere. It has been a truly troublesome period.

  8. We are allowed to walk outside, jut keeping the distance and/or wearing a mask. I also think being able to get outside is essential.

  9. It’s crazy to think at a time like this, a closed space of a store is packed with people! For the sake of everyone and for yourself, I hope you remain safe 🙂
    Thanks for the post!

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