Getting lost at night in a foreign place

Getting lost can be fun when you have your phone or a back up plan to find your way around. Sadly, this wasn’t the case for me. What made it worst, my phone had died and I was in an unfamiliar city. No taxi in plain sight to be found. It was at this very moment I knew the horrible situation I was in.

The clarion hotel

Had to use my foggy memory to get back. It was a diffcult task but I had no choice. Started to retrace my steps, slowly but surely the enviorment started to look familiar. I remember the clarion hotel that my airbnb host pointed out. She said use it as a pinpoint to know where you are at. Kept walking and trying to remember the surroundings.

A home at night photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Got back to the residential part of the city. This is where it got hard. A lot of the homes looked the same at night. The streets and curves, everything looked similar. I started to get a little nervous but, I still felt like everything will be alright. Asked a group of women where a certain street was. They claimed they didn’t know where any street was. I remember the name of the street closest to the my airbnb apartment. Normally, I wouldn’t mind being out this late and lost. However, my flight was in the morning and I left my passport in the apartment. It was no fun.

A random street full of homes that looked the same photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Eventually, I found the street. Walked in the direction that made sense and looked fimilar. The more I walked, the more I felt calm. I found the building to where the apartment was at. I noticed it wasn’t too far from where I asked the group of women. It was hard to believe they didn’t know where this street was. However, a random guy with an American accent asking for directions at night. I’m pretty sure they probably thought I was going to rob them or something. Either way, I was happy to be back in the apartment.

Stay safe everyone and remember to wash your hands!

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  1. Geez I felt anxiety from the post. I hate to be lost – I’m glad you found your way, and that you were so cool about it! That would not have been me. 😅

  2. LOL! Totally get how you felt. The same happened to me multiple times, and it was in a country where they didn’t speak English! Thankfully you managed to find your way back!

    1. wow lol i would freak out it, if they didn’t speak any of the languges i spoke. i would probably found a way though but still it would be crazy. glad u came out okay.

  3. Shortly after moving to NYC I had a similar experience and completely blanked on the temporary housing street name. Took me ages but I made it. Your adventure looked far more scary though!

    1. It was and wasn’t. I feel nyc at night is more dangerous. Been living there.for over a while now.and i felt more scared in nyc. There was a lot i was risking that night. I could had been stuck in ireland until i bought another flight

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