Month: March 2020

Light during dark times

As the number of covid-19 cases continue to grow around the world, we just want to wish you and your love ones health. Also, the random person down the street. These are hard times. However, we will pull through. Always keep a bright outlook even if everything is falling apart because you have the privilege…

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Who were the Celtics?

I was walking around Dublin and this interesting set of benches caught my attention. The benches had a viking ship design. I knew about the Celtics being associated with Ireland. However, vikings never crossed my mind when I think about Ireland. So It made me asked, Who exactly were the Celtics and What is their…

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Top 12 things to do in Waikiki

Hawaii is a lovely tropical state with some of the world’s nicest beaches. Located in the middle of the pacific ocean, Hawaii has a lot to offer. On the island of Oʻahu, Hawaii’s biggest island, lays the largest city in the state called Honolulu. In that city, there is a neighborhood called Waikiki. Walking by…

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