Taking a recharge and learning to relax

Something about sitting down while watching plants is very soothing. It is definitely great after eating some Mexican food.  Sometimes, we need to learn how to relax. When a vacation becomes a stress factory, it’s no longer fun. Going to another tourist location in a rush can suck all the energy and possibly ruin your whole vacation. Traveling is a lot of fun but can also be stressful.

The entrance to the park photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

After leaving the Mexican restaurant, I had a stomach full of food and that feeling of fulfillment. Was feeling a little sluggish and it started to rain. I had no jacket nor an umbrella.  Had to run from building to building trying to find cover from those raindrops. Getting sick would hold me back from doing anything productive. Still had more to explore of Ireland.

Eventually, the rain stopped. What I have come to learn about this part of Europe, it can rain at anytime. After a few minutes, the rain stops. It’s very on and off.  Anyways, found this park right next to this church. What attracted me was seeing all the plants. Coming from California and living majority of my adult life in NYC, seeing green grass and trees kept nicely is not a common sight. It is something most people take for granted.

Pink flowers photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

The smell of the pink flowers mixed with the sounds of the birds chirping in the background forced me to enjoy the moment. Lost in thoughts and my feelings of having a full stomach, it was hard to notice the light breeze. That wind kept me from being there physically and away mentality. It keep dragging me back to reality like waking up from a daydream. I really wanted to enjoy my time. Minutes start feeling like seconds, a half hour felt like 5 minutes. This was another way of fun having.

The park’s walkway photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Started walking slowly towards the church. I really enjoyed how the church almost looks like a castle.  Makes you wonder what stories do those walls hold. If the bricks that support the church could talk, what would they say? Would they tell you how many people they saw grow old attending the weekly and daily services? How many marriages has this church been apart of? As crazy as this sound, at times I tend to wonder about everything that is around me. I love to observe my surroundings. It’s something I often overlook when I’m running from place to place. I try not to take everything for granted.

Stairway to the church photo of Hugo morel

Started walking down the steps hoping this church was opened. To my surprise, it was closed.  Best to go with the flow on this and just enjoy being in another country. Ireland has so much to offer. I have enjoyed my stay so far. Thanks to all the friendly people with smiles on their faces.

Going back up and seeing the walkway photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

If you noticed, this week I wrote posts about relaxing and just enjoying your time. As I write, I recently experienced a burnout. For those who don’t know, a burnout is when you are mentally and physically exhausted. The last several weeks my work load has been taking over my life. Worked for almost 19 hours a day for the last several weeks. Nearly collapsed on last Tuesday. Been working so hard on my dreams, I almost forgot how to live. So please everyone, relax and be patient. Everything comes to you at the right time. Don’t risk your health for getting what you want faster! Stay safe everyone!

Thank you so much for reading! Much love and safe travels!

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  1. Your last statement is very true! I recently read a book about it (and still do not have time to write a blog post about that book :))

  2. Thanks for letting us know the importance of avoiding burnout. I once did a course on landscaping and in it, I discovered the importance of greenery and the fact that they could be very therapeutic and relaxing.
    Thanks for sharing but so many stairs? This part of Europe is certainly hilly.

  3. Love your blog and your stories! Sincerely sorry for the burnout. I know how miseable that can be. Wishing you the best for more travels and more stories! Thank you for this post. 🙂

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