New york city during “lockdown” Being socially isolated

So, we are here. What feels like a movie, as if we are in the start of “I am Legend.” The world has made a semi-stop. New York City has felt the impact. The whole world is feeling this virus. Wheather by being sick, losing money or stuck at home. I’m here, in the USA’s biggest city. Trying to stay positive without being positive of corona. Sadly, I’m not talking about the beer.

In front of Bryant Park photo courtesy of Hugo Motel

I just couldn’t be stuck inside my home. I love being free. It almost feels like house arrest. Never actually experienced it and I never want to. Left my home to just get my mind off of things. It’s sadden me to what is happening. Never seen midtown New York City look so empty. There very few people out and walking.

Usually this street is packed photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Not sure if people are overreacting or this virus is really that bad. It’s crazy how I went to Wuhan and never got sick. Now, I have to worry about it at home. The irony is strong in this situation. Thought I dodged a bullet but now I need to be careful once again. While inChina, I was suggested by locals to go to the market in Wuhan where it all started. Luckily, I declined it.

Nyc Subway station being empty due to the corona virus photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Went underground to catch a train to get to another part of midtown. What really shocked me was the lack of people. This what a midtown station looks like after 3 am. I was there at 1 pm on monday. This station is usually packed at that time. This was 34th street pen station. Where you can catch all the trains! Crazy how lonely it looked.

Times sqaures photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Went to times Square, it was business as usual. There weren’t that many people as normally would be. However, that didn’t stop the street performers. Saw transformers break dancing. There is always something weird going on here. Let’s see what’s more to come of this.

Thank you so much for reading! Much love and safe travels!

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  1. Thanks for your post! Everything is eerily quiet everywhere at the moment. I was meant to be going to New York and Vegas (would’ve been my first time in America!) in May but think my trip will have to be cancelled now sadly. Stay safe x

  2. As humans, we must adapt to change in order to survive. Not in our lifetime, and hopefully not again, have we been through something like this. Our world; however, has and has since moved forward.
    Look at the good in this chaos. It’s there, I promise.

  3. It took the Almighty Creator since 1994 to teach me to be quiet and, above all, inside. I was always out there, on a hilltop, a mountain peak, a dirt road in the desert, under the ocean when not somehow floating on it, in the air, everywhere except on my behind. I easily grabbed my heavy kayak, mounted it on the car’s roof rack, to go pedalling on the large irrigation dam at 2AM. Injury, subsequent progressive disability, the accompanying lack of opportunity and the poverty delivered by socialism, served to pull up my handbrake on the days my back allowed me to walk on my hind feet. I can now weather this storm. I know how to.

      1. Thanks 😊 If you can edit comments, pleez copy and paste into my Contact page and send me, as I can’t from here.

  4. It is very sad how this virus has been blown out of proportion. Large numbers of people die every year from the flu without all these closures. I have read data and this virus is NOT as virulent as past flu’s and epidemics.

    It is amazing to see photos of NY city so empty. I just got a video about NY and the Statue of liberty, at the library before it shut down. I’m looking forward to watching it!

    1. Yeah im a little confused as to why they are acting like this is the worst virus we have seen. The pig flu killed 20 mill. Something is not right.

      Yeah, it’s a little off… I wish i could visit the statue of liberty now. I think they cut off the ferry. Stay safe!

  5. Oddly enough, now might be the most enjoyable time to go walking around typically busy streets! A little taste of New York City all to yourself (mostly), enjoy!

  6. While all the schools and colleges and restaurants are now closed in Ireland people can still go on about their day. At least you can easily go for a walk around your beautiful city. Sadly to see that it takes coronavirus for people to learn what’s important and what’s not. We take too many things for granted on daily basis. Let’s hope that once this is over, people and the world around us is more positive and compassionate. Thanks for sharing and stay safe 😊 Aiva

      1. From all I read yes they did… bad. It’s like a tv movie. Never thought I would see New York like that. I’m sure most other major cities are following.

      2. yeah, i have some ore photos i’m going to post. my chinese friends in wuhan were really angry at the government. they kept playing it off like it was some type of joke. please stay safe

  7. Thanks for reporting what is going on in NYC. We’re in the San Francisco Bay Area where 7 counties ordered everyone to “shelter in place” until April 7 as of 12:01 March 17, 2020. Haven’t been out and about since then other than a walk around the neighborhood. More cars than normal parked along the street.

  8. Hey folks
    Bad news for you, the virus is really that bad! It spreads via the healthy and young ones and it effects the old ones or people with pre-existing illness. That is not a big deal – but it gets problematic when you have a exponetional growth then you are running out of intensive care units quickly. Have a closer look to the contitions in Italy, especially at the Lombardy region.

    I thought like you about two weeks ago… but believe me it is serious, not for you in person, if you young, fit and healthy, but for your mother or grandparents our a friend who is a diabetic.

    Here in Austria where I´m living, we have a lockdown for week now and it will last at least the next four weeks. All to keep the new infaction rate low, to prevent to overstrain our health system and to get some time to rise hospital capacities.

    I´m definitley not happy to just go out for a little stroll every two or three days, I´m a mountain guy I normally spend a lot of time in the mountains. But social distancing and staying at home saves lives in this case.

    Yesterday in Italy they had nearly 800 deaths within 24 hours.
    Don´t make that same mistakes like we did in Europe.

    Stay healthy!
    Greetings from Vienna

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