Enjoying the end of summer at Rockefeller Lake, Upstate New York

As summer comes to a close, sprinkles of fall hit us like strong pumpkin spices. Random days of a cool breeze mixed with days comparable to mid July. Had to face it, summer was almost gone. Back to wearing big coats and looking out for stepping on ice. Excited about Halloween and the pumpkin pies being just around the corner. I still couldn’t shake this feeling of not getting the most out of this summer.

small dock where birds gather photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Didn’t really to explore much this summer. In terms of going to Upstate New York. Did a lot of international flights these hot months, just didn’t explore my local surroundings. Truly love this state. From Manhattan to Cairo, New York, this state has something most states lack. Could never really put my finger on it.

close up of the dock photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Lived in California majority of my childhood. Also, lived in three different countries as a kid. However, none have my heart like this state. A place where you can have the tallest building in the country; yet, still be a few hours away from such a gorgeous place like this. Nature and city are actually my favorite places to be.

view of the lake photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

I know California and other states are beautiful. However, not many can compare to this. This scenery pulls my heartstrings. The blue sky’s reflection on the water made me feel the much needed sense of peace. The fact that it is summer and everything is so green.

another view of the lake photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

The reason why I am up here was to escape from the city life. Sometimes you just need to relax and step back. No stress, no deadlines just me and the music that the planet earth makes. That’s when I can truly appreciate the creation of this small blue planet.

my favorite shot of the lake photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

My time here was almost up. Just did a day trip to escape. Would have to leave tomorrow in the morning. So, I made it last. Sat down to enjoy everything. That moment where you are lost in your head but still enjoy what’s around you. It was truly priceless. When you visit New York City, make sure to stop by and check out Upstate New York. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

took this photo while reflecting about going back to the city photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Thank you so much for reading! Decided to change things up a little this week. Will go back to learning about Afro-Caribbean culture next week. Much love and safe travels everyone.

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A Camping trip to Cairo, New York

I was invited by a group of friends to go camping in upstate New York. The invite was exciting. The activities that they had in store were going to be an interesting experience.

It started with a three hour bus ride. That ride, was not as brutal as I planned. The struggle was made easier, due to a friend.

Ended up waiting for my invites to pick me up. The bus dropped me at Cairo’s downtown. The downtown was just a normal shopping square. The only place that looked familiar was dunkin’s. The picture above explains my views about the place. Frozen hot chocolate, think about that creation for a bit.

Once we arrived at the camp, it was astoundingly beautiful. The camp was very old fashion. It had an 18th century feel to it. If only the buildings’ walls could talk, they would have tons of stories to tell.

So here it goes, my embarrassing moment. It all started as a race. We were all in canoes. Three teams in a group of three. The race started and not even ten feet, we flip over. We try again, two more feet then we flipped over the second time. We gave up in pure frustration and embarrassment. At least, we made everbody smile.

Thank you for taking your time to read this post. Next week we will be exploring Brooklyn more in detail. Have a great week and stay healthy!

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