Turin, Italy

Turin, a city in the northern part of Italy. Known for being the place where don bosco lived and did his missionary work. The picture above was taken right outside of the city. The northern Italian landscape is very beautiful.

The main attraction in this city is the basilica of our lady help of Christians. The church was built by Don bosco. It was a former safe haven for poor teenagers and children.

This is the square/center for the Basilica.

The whole church was built by a man with little money. This is the original designs.

So finally, I will explain who Don bosco is. He was priest that founded an orphanage for poor childern, mainly abandoned boys. The priest is considered as a saint in the catholic religion. His miracle, according to the catholic faith, was he kept giving food to the needy when his food supply should had ran out. He kept finding food in his bag to give to the homeless, when by logic, there should not been any food left to give out.

Thank you for taking your time to read this post. Next week, we will go to the mountains in Italy. Stay safe and healthy.

Milan, Italy

The city of fashion, Milan. The city is sophisticated as the media portrays. It is truly a gift to be even in this city.

The city’s elegance is shown in every step. As you walk piazza del duomo, as shown in the picture above, Milan’s beauty shines.

Walking down piazza del duomo, you will get to the cathedral of Milan.

You all know I had to take a photo of the light rail.

Walking around town, you noticed alot of people here drive fancy cars.

Thank you for taking your time to read this post. Forgive me for not posting as much lately. I have been doing a lot activism. What is currently going on in my country is heartbreaking. Please stay safe to all the American readers.

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