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Ruins: The pyramids of Giza

After going around the ground site of Giza, we finally made it to the pyramids. They were completely out of this world. Makes you really think twice about humanity and all of our achievements. Taken by hugo Morel All I could remember that day, was it being really hot. Finding water was somewhat a problem…

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The Catacombs of Rome

When we think of Catacombs, we think of the one’s in Paris; however, Rome has a few as well. Although, they are not as dark as the ones in Paris, but they are still creepy. Photo taken by Hugo Morel As we were going down the steps, I truly had no idea what I was…

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The ruins of rome

The more we explored Rome, the older the man-made structures got. Taken by Hugo Morel edited on Instagram Rome is such a beautiful city. However, there’s a part of Rome that makes the human life span feel inferior. To see these thousands of years old structures is something everybody should experience. Taken by Hugo Morel…

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