Month: February 2019

Ruins: The pyramids of Giza

After going around the ground site of Giza, we finally made it to the pyramids. They were completely out of this world. Makes you really think twice about humanity and all of our achievements. Taken by hugo Morel All I could remember that day, was it being really hot. Finding water was somewhat a problem…

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Arriving to Giza

After getting out of the train, we took a taxi to get to the sightseeing areas. Yes, I was finally getting to see what the ancient pharaohs had left the world, in person. Excitement could not even describe, what I was feeling. It was a mixture of excitement, familiarity and peace. For some reason, deep…

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Taking the subway to Giza

Well yes, you thought I would go to Egypt and not go to Giza? You must have not been following us long enough. Of course, we had to do it my way. Inside a mosque taken by Hugo Morel After getting familiar with the Islamic culture, it was time to go to the tourist traps.…

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