Taking the subway to Giza

Well yes, you thought I would go to Egypt and not go to Giza? You must have not been following us long enough. Of course, we had to do it my way.

Inside a mosque taken by Hugo Morel

After getting familiar with the Islamic culture, it was time to go to the tourist traps. It was somewhat interesting because she suggested that we take the subway. It’s like the universe knows I love subways!! The cool thing about this experience is that not many Tourists get to take the subway like I did. So, some of these pictures will be new to those that visited Egypt.

Entering the subway station taken by Hugo Morel

Entering the subway station, you have to pass through a metal detector. Which makes sense because of all the problems this part of the world has been facing. Cairo’s subway is something similar to the Bart in San Francisco or the metro in Washington D.C. It was small; however, very complicated. Still wasn’t chaotic as New York’s and I liked it!

Waiting for the train Taken by Hugo morel

We were waiting for the train and I noticed something. The train stations were actually cool. I know this isn’t very interesting; however, outside was pretty hot. Usually, NYC’s or other cities’ subway stations are hotter than the outside temperature. Just some geeky observations.

Train passing by taken by Hugo Morel

As the train came, we jumped inside and found seats. Inside the train, there was no air conditioning and the heat was uncomfortable. Even with this, people were still smiling and laughing. Makes me really think about how lucky I was to live in the USA. Yet, I still complain about simple issues and get sad over things people around the world see as a luxury. This was definitely a humbling experience. This is why travel changes you. You get to see the world in a differnt view. Every experience helps me grow into a better person.

Thank you so much for reading! Much love and stay safe!!

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  1. Wow, a subway to Giza?

    Spent almost a month in Egypt back in 1985, when I was solo-backpacking around the world – there was never a subway to Giza back then! 😉

    Many thanks for stopping by my Travel and Photography blog.

  2. Funny enough I’ve been on the metro in D.C. and it was crowded. I think I would have Ubered to Giza if I could. But what an interesting experience. I always wanted to go to Giza!

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