Exploring Downtown New York City during the coronavirus lockdown

Even with this virus going on, the new york city hustle still has to go on. I wanted to see how nyc looks like during the lockdown. It was only day 3 of the quarantine. No one was really taking it that seriously at that time. So there was some people going out. As I write this, there is a curfew now.

Day 3 photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Did all the preparations to make sure there won’t be any unwanted souvenirs. This time exploring Manhattan, you can tell it was nothing to joke about. I was the only one walking around in the streets at times. Never felt so alone in new york.

Downtown photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

I could not shake that gut feeling that something is wrong. I know that this virus is bad but, this is something coming from an apocalyptical movie. What made it worse was the homeless guy screaming in the background in pain. He was screaming like a lunatic. Not sure if he was doing this on purpose to get attention or he really was hurting. Maybe both possibly.

The freedom tower photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Dark clouds came overhead, it was so poetic. As almost the clouds knew, we are in for some dark times. I’m going to try to be as postive as possible. However, seeing new york city like this really pushes my fear buttons.

The oculus photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Places that are usually filled with people, seems almost like a ghost town. The picture above is the mall at the world trade center. This place is usually packed with people. Either going to/leaving work or just shopping. I never seen anything like this during a weekday at 4 pm.

Loneliness photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

What I kept noticing were the police and the security guards still working. Felt almost bad for them. They weren’t wearing any mask. Some were wearing gloves. However, they are the ones seeing this pandemic live. They are at the front lines of this. It has given me a higher level of respect towards the people who risk their lives to bring us peace. I dont agree to everything they do. Yet, picture new york city or your local area without any police during a lockdown. I’m sure people will turn to rioting after a few days.

Barbershop photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Went to a local barbershop in downtown Manhattan. Saw this sign. It’s clear some people are too worry about the virus to care about spelling and grammar. I’m not a grammar police but come on…you can’t spell further nor precaution? At least use google, to spell it for you. If this picture becomes a meme, you know where you found it first.

I went exploring downtown manhattan during day 3 of the lockdown. It was not as serious as it is now. I recommend none of you do this!

Keep safe everyone! Please don’t leave the house unless you have to. I wish you all luck and health!! Much love and safe travels!.

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For my underwater photos, I use the gopro hero 7 white.
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10 things to do in Idaho falls

Now, Idaho is a state that is not many people talk about outside of the USA. It’s really a state that people fly over or visit, if they have family there. When you mention Idaho these question always arrives, What is there to do in Idaho? Or What is there to do in Idaho Falls? Well, this post will show you there are a lot of fun and cheap “things” to do in Idaho Falls. Which will be our main focus in the beautiful state of Idaho.


1) Yellowstone National Park

Oh yeah, Yellowstone National Park is not too far away. Although the park is mainly in Wyoming, a few hours drive can get you to see this beautiful park. This is a place I always wanted to go but never had a chance. Actually been to Idaho a few times, just to Boise, Idaho. As you can guess, I really want to go back to this part of the USA. I mean just look at that yellow rock!!! In all seriousness though, I have been wanting to go this park since I was a kid. So, this is definitely going on my bucket list.

Yellowstone national park

2) Visiting the Idaho Brewing Company

I’m not much of a beer junkie but I know there are few of them out there. If you would like to have place to just relax and drink some beer, The Idaho Brewing company is the spot. Located in the city of Idaho Falls, it’s hard to miss. I’m sure every local knows where this place is! Known for it’s in house tap beer and it’s friendly atmosphere, you will truly enjoy your time there.

3) Visiting Grand Teton National Park

As you can probably tell, Idaho falls has a lot of nature to visit and explore. The grand Teton National Park is no different. Located about a 2 hour drive from Idaho Falls, seeing this park in person is definitely worth it. The views look like they come from a movie. Teton national park really shows the beauty of America’s natural landscape. With the white capped mountains, it’s hard not to fall in love with this place!

Grand Teton National Park

4) Taking a ghost walk tour

Yeah, this isn’t really my thing. However, if you don’t mind the possibility of bringing a ghost back as a souvenir, you should definitely check this tour out. The tour goes around downtown Idaho falls. The city of Idaho falls is rich with history and this is an interesting way to learn. With the paranormal traveling on the rise, might as well put this on your list. Here is the link to a company that offers these type of tours.  *warning* We will not be held responsible for any ghosts you bring into your life. Not all of them are like Casper the friendly one.

5) Stopping Snake river escape rooms

I never knew what an escape room was. Growing up, I always thought escape rooms were places people go when they are running from the zombie apocalypse or the police. Never thought it was some type of adult game room. What is an escape room? Well, I asked the same question myself. Escape rooms are rooms where people play a game of finding clues, solving puzzles and accomplishing tasks within a certain amount of time. It’s a fun and wholesome way of spending your time in Idaho falls.

6) Take a tour of St. Anthony Sand Dunes

Oh you never heard about Idaho having Sand Dunes. Well, don’t worry about it because we didn’t as well. Google really opens your mind! About a 40 minute drive from Idaho Falls, these sand dunes will leave you speechless. It will make you think you are in the middle of Qatar or in the Sahara. Totally worth the trip.

St. Anthony Sand Dunes

7) Seeing the Japanese Pavilion

A great and cheap way to visit Asia in the Midwest is going to the Japanese pavilion in Idaho falls. Get a taste of japan with the Japanese style buildings and gardens.  Located on a island in snake river by the Broadway Bridge, step into a land very far away but in the backyard of Idaho. It open 24/7 year round, great place to be if you enjoy Japanese culture.

8) Giant Eagle Waterfall Nest

In the middle of a roundabout you will find a landmark like no other. The tourist attraction are eagles flying over a waterfall, I haven’t seen much tourist attractions like that. Where an artificial waterfall is in the middle of cars. It’s pretty cool to see of front and take photos from Instagram, at least what my friends told me. I enjoy the uniqueness of the landmark. So, I wouldn’t mind stopping by when I’m there.

9) Walk along Snake River Greenbelt

Walk along the snake river greenbelt and the see the history of Idaho Falls. It’s a six mile walk alongside snake river. It’s is a great way to get some exercises while on traveling. The river used to be the main highway for the city. It was used to get into Montana and other nearby states. It’s the main reason why the city was established. The river eventually turns into waterfalls. Which is how the city got it’s name. Truly a great way to see the natural beauty of Idaho. Also, it’s free. Enough said, right?

Snake River

10) See Hell’s Half Acre Lava Field

Located not too far way from Idaho Falls, lays a lava field that looks like it comes from a star wars movie.  The Hell’s Half Acre Lava field is truly a beauty to see in person. The national natural landmark was created by a lava lake few thousands years ago. It’s worth seeing because it almost looks like you are in another planet like mars. The beauty the earth hold has no limit.

Hell’s Half Acre Lava Field

Well there you all go, hope this post changed your mind about Idaho Falls. There is a lot of reason to book a flight to this city. This part of the USA has a lot to offer from sand dunes to it’s lush rivers. Idaho falls has it all.  Truly, worth booking that flight to this part of Idaho!

Thank you so much for reading! Much love and safe travels!

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For my underwater photos, I use the gopro hero 7 white.

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Snorkeling through Belize’s Hol Chan Marine Reserve

One of the biggest tourist attractions in Belize is Hol Chan. Off the coast of Caye Caulker, Hol Chan is majestically beautiful. People from all over the world come to this wonderful display of nature.

Snorkeling in the Caribbean sea photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Hol Chan means little channel in Mayan. The water makes you feel that you are swimming in the sky. The water is so clear at parts. It’s hard to believe that this was not a swimming pool.

Fish of the Caribbean Sea photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

I knew my gopro would come in handy. As I was taking the photos, all I could think about was showing you all this experience. It’s such a blessing to be swimming in the Caribbean. May I remind you all, this was in the end of February/ early March.



Photos courtesy of Hugo Morel

Our tour guide started taking photos as well. He had his own gopro. The more photos he started taking, the more I thought about his intentions. He is taking photos to keep his business afloat. Those are not my reasons now. I take these photos for you all. I read some of you can’t travel due to illnesses or other reasons. I’m blessed to be able to show you all the world through my photos.

Another photo of the Caribbean sea photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Snapped back into reality, our group continued to go further into the sea. I had to catch up. I was too busy being lost in my thoughts, while my group kept swimming. Swam like a dolphin swimming for it’s life. I’m not about to get lost in the sea.

The crystal blue water kept taking my breath away, in all ways possible. The beauty left me speechless and the sea’s currents would occasionally give me a mouthful of salty water. Wouldn’t trade this moment for anything in the world.

Turtle in the wild photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Eventually, I saw a turtle. I have seen turtles before but never one in the wild. It looked so peaceful and moved slow. The turtle truly had the Caribbean attitude.

In this underwater paradise, my worries and stress were gone. For once in a long time, I felt like I was finally on vacation. Lost in the feeling of the moment, I got on the boat. Our next underwater adventure was about to start.

Thank you for reading. Much love and safe travels!

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Check out our eBook “How to Travel for Dirt Cheap” by Hugo Morel for ways to make your dreams of traveling come true without breaking the bank. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07M848M47?ref_=pe_3052080_276849420&fbclid=IwAR0_mRF-eE9tODIshljVr7CQ8h6vKT6hHn_8gZfJ94DySY1ylPO2Itu2Qe

In the city that doesn’t sleep

New York city, the city that doesn’t sleep. Full of villains and creeps. Home of musical legends and people from all over the world. NYC is one of America’s greatest cities.

Usually, when people talk about New York City, it’s Manhattan. The next posts will be focussing on everything that is NYC. Which includes: Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and thier nieghborhoods.

When coming to NYC through the air, you either come through JFK, LaGuardia or Newark. If you are arriving by train or bus, pen station will be your entry to the city. By the way, the photo above was taken by me at the Empire State building.


New York City has an amazing character. In the subways, you have all types of personalities. From crazies asking for money to hipsters reading books. There is a never a dull moment in this city; unless, you are stuck in traffic or your train is delayed.

I have to come clean, New York style cheesecake is the best. I tried many cheesecakes in different countries and different parts of the USA. New York style has no competition. Once tried cheesecake in brazil, worst cheesecake ever created. It had a watery taste and it was very soggy.
New York, New York is truly a city that does not sleep. Where most cities the nightlife ends at ten, that is not the case in NYC. Many stores and restaurants are 24 hours. There is always a place to go during the middle of the night.

Thank you for taking your time to read this post! This is the start of several New York City related posts. Hope you guys will like it. Next week we will be in Brooklyn. Much love!! Stay safe and heathly!

My crazy friend’s Maple syrup farm

It was my third day being in Canada, we just got invited to go to a farm that a friend of my teacher  makes maple syrup. My teacher and I were excited to see how maple syrup is made. Little did I know, he would be an interesting character.

Outside the farm, Hugo Morel


At his doorstep, Hugo Morel

After driving to the edge of town, we reached his house. All I could think of, was the fact that this guy’s house looks like the opening of a lot horror movies. It gave me the creeps. It didn’t really helped, when we knocked on his door and he poked his face out of the window. While he was poking his head out to see who it was, all I could think about was that I was going to die and this guy is a serial killer. Luckily, that was not the case or I would not be sitting here writing this post.

My friend, Hugo Morel

It turns out, the guy was not a blood thirsty serial killer. He was actually a good guy with dogs. Although, he was little weird. The kind of weird that believes all important people are reptiles wearing human skin.

He gave us a quick tour around his farm. We got to see the trees that would be used for maple syrup and the chickens he gets fresh eggs from. The man lives a very simple life.

The sugar shack, Hugo Morel

I was informed by a follower that in Canada,  Maple syrup “factories” are called sugar shacks. My thanks to Mind Traveler, check out her blog. She was the one who corrected me, so I would not sound like an American.

Hey guys, we just reached 500 followers and over 2000 views last month!! My thanks for finding my life interesting!! I’m so humbled to be able share my stories with you all. I hope my travels can inspire you to enjoy life more and make you realize that money is not everything. You can not bring money with you to the grave but you can bring your experiences. Much love to you all!! Next week,  we bring a little of Brazil to a small city.  Stay safe and healthy!!!







Brandon, the city that doors are unlocked

It was a two hour drive from Winnpeg to Brandon. Not much to see on the way there. The ride was extremely dull. Nothing but flat corn farms for hours. Luckily, I had made two new friends. Which made the ride survivable.

Brandon, Manitoba discovery center, Hugo Morel

Once we got into Brandon, the city reminded me of my hometown. Slow, small and it gave a chill vibe. I met the person who was I staying with. Luckily, she was a very nice person. It was a couch-surfing experience I will never forget.

outside my host’s house, Hugo Morel

Unfortunately, my host had to work. So I was stuck at the home for a day. She informed me how she never locks her doors. Of course, I was completely shocked. There was so much trust in this small city. No locks! Unless, it is late at night. This still surprises me.

waking up to these guys, Hugo Morel

I was introduced to two new furry friends. These guys were wild and crazy at times. Waking me up and jumping on the bed my host let me sleep on. It was hard not to develop feelings for these little guys. They would eat anything and I mean anything. Caught one trying to eat a rubber-band.

After the first day of being stuck inside, one of my teachers came. To find something entertaining, we tried to explore the city. That was over in 10 minutes, literally. The city only has 6 main streets. So we decided to hang out in Starbucks because of free WiFi. Long story short, we stayed there for two hours and some crazy guy kept trying to talk to me. He kept asking if my teacher, was my girlfriend. It was very awkward!!

Brandon, Manitoba is home to some very interesting wildlife. The southern part of the province, there are normal bears with black fur. As in the north, there polar bears and penguins! Also, it’s rumoured Santa Claus lives in the most northern part of the province. He also has wolves helping. One of them, was in the picture above.

Brandon’s downtown in the background, Hugo Morel

Thank you for taking your time for reading this post! Drop a like and a follow. Next week we will be visiting my friend’s Maple Syrup factory. Much Love!! Stay healthy!!







Boston and Graduation at Tufts

It was the summer of 2014, one of my childhood friends was graduating from a private university. This was a major accomplishment for him. I was and am still proud of him. After the graduation, we explored Boston together.


The bus ride to Boston was crazy. Four hours of just sitting, can do damage to any healthy person. It was 2014, and we still have not created a teleportation machine. The epic struggle!! Anyways, when going to Boston you have a few choices. You can go by plane, train or bus. If you are on the east coast, a bus will be best. In certain areas, it is only 50 dollars round trip. From New York City, I paid only 40 dollars for a round trip. I used Lucky Star bus, they are great and a money-saver.

another shot of Boston from Tufts, Hugo Morel

Once in Boston, I met my childhood friend. We knew each other since elementary school but, didn’t become actual friends until the end of middle school. We took Boston’s subway to get to Tufts University. I got to see where he lived and what his projects were. I’m so proud of him. When I used to visit his home, he would live off MacDonald’s. At that time, he was living in a single parent home with his little sister. Money was very tight for them.  For him to be at this university is an amazing achievement. He is the first person in his family to go to college. When I saw him receive his bachelors, it took a lot of willpower to hold back tears.

After the emotional graduation, we went to explore Boston. We did what tourists do in Boston, walked the freedom trail and go to the infamous Fenway park. Sadly, we did not care who would win and none of us were Red Soxs. After the game, we went bar hoping in Boston. So apparently, Boston’s bars close at 2 am. Living in New York City for awhile, really changed my views of late nights mean.

Baseball game at Fenway Park, Hugo Morel

Wanted to dedicate this post to one of my closest friend that helped me out so much growing up. I was going down a wrong path in my life and he encourage to get back into reading. Which eventually lead to this blog and me starting my company! He encouraged me to do what I love. As you guys can tell, I love traveling and being able to write. The friend I’m talking about is the one that graduated in this post. He is now a few years away from getting his PhD. I’m so proud of him. May he continue to inspire others and change more lives.



Guys, we just reached 500 likes!! Thank you so much!! I love you guys so much and I’m so humbled you guys see my life as interesting. Once again, thank you. I hope, I can inspire you all to travel!! Much Love!!! Drop a like and a follow. Next week, we will start a Canadian adventure. Stay healthy!!

Teaching English in Monterrey, crossing the usa/mexican border

After a few days of workshops in Dallas, it was finally time to go to Mexico. We were all excited to teach English and to get out of Dallas. For many of us, it was our first time to America’s Southern neighbor.

mountain range in Monterrey, Mexico- Hugo Morel

As we got on the bus, we had no idea how long of a bus ride we were in for. Once about 8 hours passed by, we arrived in Brownsville, Texas. A border town with lots of social problems. The atmosphere completely changed, you could cut the air with a knife. The city looked very poor, broken houses everywhere. It was as if, we were in another country and not the USA. The people walking on the streets looked very tensed and scared. This was completely another world.

border guards, Hugo Morel

Once at the border, the air became thicker. All the guards had semiautomatic guns. This was not a laughing matter. The border control made us get out of the bus and checked our bags on a white table, as shown in the picture above. As one of the guards was checking my bags, I looked him in the eye by accident. The other two were quick to put their hands on their guns. It was as if, I was some type of criminal. The lives these guards live, there is not much smiling. I didn’t felt love here and I only sensed hate mixed with fear.

USA/Mexican border on Christmas day, Hugo Morel

After the scare from the border control, we passed through the border. On Christmas day, we were finally in Mexico. You can see the differences and it was heartbreaking. A lot of women showing off their bodies on street corners. There were a lot of men just sleeping on the floor with a look of despair. The hopelessness in people’s face, made us realize how lucky we are to be Americans. Seeing all this, made us want to teach even more.

another shot of the Mexican mountain range , Hugo Morel

We finally arrived to where we were going to teach, the University of Tecmilenio. Unfortunately, they did not allow us to take photos of the school or the classroom. As the classes started, we saw the looks in the adults’ faces. Their faces expressed friendliness and warmth. As we taught more English, their faces lite up and English was finally clicking. This experience was so amazing. A lot of the adult students, invited us to their homes. The stories they gave us really touched our hearts. Many of them, have seen crimes unthinkable. Coming to the USA, for a lot of them, was their only way for a better life. The rest that will stay, learning English is needed to getting better jobs. This was one of the most memorable experiences on my travels.

outside view of the school we taught, Hugo Morel

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Checking Out Little Haiti

Little Haiti, a place of real culture and down to earth people. Going to Little Haiti was a very eventful time in my life. I made friendships that would open many doors and eventually this blog.


Going to Little Haiti, I do recommend going by car. Public transportation to Little Haiti is not always the best. Once you are there, most of the corner stores are Haitian owned. Make  sure to check them out, when you get the chance. You can get a lot of Haitian products from fruits to candy bars.

Haitian Flag street art, Hugo Morel

While in Little Haiti, you must eat at a local restaurant. No fast-food or Mcdonald’s! Eating from those types of restaurants, will ruin your experience in this cultural paradise. If you want some real cultural food, always ask the locals.

A nice family owned restaurant,Hugo Morel

After asking around, I was told about a restaurant called The New Piman Bouk restaurant. It was a great place to go. It gives you the feels of being in Haiti. The restaurant is owned by a Haitian-American family. This is authentic as it gets for Haitian Creole food in America. One plate of food can feed two people. It is a great place for food at a great price.

Little Haiti has many cultural activities. While in Little Haiti, make sure to check out the Cultural Center. The Cultural Center has many events throughout the year. From movies to social groups, Little Haiti’s Cultural Center is place to visit for anybody looking to experience the local culture.


Just want to say thank you to you all for reading and liking my posts. We reached over 100 followers. I met the person who pushed me into starting this blog in Little Haiti. Drop a like and a follow. Next week we will be going to Dallas for some workshops to teach English in mexico. Much Love!!

A walk through Little Havana

Little Havana, the soul of Miami’s Cuban culture. Where you can find questionably legal Cuban cigars and Cuban flags on almost every block. Little Havana was a blast to visit. My friends just arrived to Miami and we were in for a treat.

Street Art on Calle Ocho of Latin America , Hugo Morel

Memorial day weekend in Miami is very hectic. When traveling to Miami, try to avoid this weekend. You will not be able to fully experience the city because of the bumper to bumper traffic. Luckily for us, Little Havana and Little Haiti were unaffected.

Cuban and American Flags, Hugo Morel

After finally meeting up with friends, we tour little Havana. Little Havana has many choices of Cuban restaurants. For more authentic Cuban, the best restaurants are on Calle Ocho (8th street). Most restaurants would serve you a huge platter of food for about ten dollars. Some are buffet style, if you want to pig out or want the most bang for your buck, these are the best spots. The only problem with buffet style restaurants, there is a lost of authenticity to the food.

Something you must do in Little Havana is to walk down Calle Ocho. Walking down Calle Ocho, you get to see more of the Cuban culture. From the Cuban movie theaters to the Cuban liquor. On Calle Ocho, there is a Latin Walk of Fame. Similar to Hollywood’s, The Latin Walk of Fame honors Latinos of celebrity status.  This is why, Miami is called, “The Capital of Latin America.”

The Latino Walk of Fame, Hugo Morel

The deeper you go along Calle Ocho, the more influences of Latin America you will encounter. Although, Little Havana will always have Cuban roots, many Latinos from all over have moved in.  Specifically, many Central Americans have made Little Havana their home. Little Havana will most likely forever be a center for the Latino community in Miami.

My Mojito(a cocktail with origins in Havana,Cuba) Hugo Morel

Thanks for taking your time to read this post! Drop a like and a follow. Next week we will be in Little Haiti. Much Love!!

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