Brandon, the city that doors are unlocked

It was a two hour drive from Winnpeg to Brandon. Not much to see on the way there. The ride was extremely dull. Nothing but flat corn farms for hours. Luckily, I had made two new friends. Which made the ride survivable.

Brandon, Manitoba discovery center, Hugo Morel

Once we got into Brandon, the city reminded me of my hometown. Slow, small and it gave a chill vibe. I met the person who was I staying with. Luckily, she was a very nice person. It was a couch-surfing experience I will never forget.

outside my host’s house, Hugo Morel

Unfortunately, my host had to work. So I was stuck at the home for a day. She informed me how she never locks her doors. Of course, I was completely shocked. There was so much trust in this small city. No locks! Unless, it is late at night. This still surprises me.

waking up to these guys, Hugo Morel

I was introduced to two new furry friends. These guys were wild and crazy at times. Waking me up and jumping on the bed my host let me sleep on. It was hard not to develop feelings for these little guys. They would eat anything and I mean anything. Caught one trying to eat a rubber-band.

After the first day of being stuck inside, one of my teachers came. To find something entertaining, we tried to explore the city. That was over in 10 minutes, literally. The city only has 6 main streets. So we decided to hang out in Starbucks because of free WiFi. Long story short, we stayed there for two hours and some crazy guy kept trying to talk to me. He kept asking if my teacher, was my girlfriend. It was very awkward!!

Brandon, Manitoba is home to some very interesting wildlife. The southern part of the province, there are normal bears with black fur. As in the north, there polar bears and penguins! Also, it’s rumoured Santa Claus lives in the most northern part of the province. He also has wolves helping. One of them, was in the picture above.

Brandon’s downtown in the background, Hugo Morel

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      1. I am leaving tonight then it’s back to Korea for awhile before I go back to Malaysia. I have some friends visiting in July so I will be taking them around my country. I will post once I am home. Its been really busy here. Enjoy your stay in the snow. Keep warm and cosy. I loved your post!

  1. I went to Churchill once and they told me people don’t lock their cars in case polar bears are on the street. They just hop in any car nearby!

  2. Wow, people can be so nice. Love your pictures.

    I’ve heard a lot about these Maple Syrup factories and sugar shacks. I have a friend in Quebec and she talks about them a lot.

  3. Nice post and great pics! Being from Canada I can relate to what you are saying, but I’m disturbed by the term “syrup factory”, although I’m sure they exist. If you want to witness the original maple syrup “factory” you really do need to visit a Sugar Bush. It’s a wonderful experience and something I participated in for twenty plus years, in Ontario. Perhaps I should write a blog about it. A sugar shack is the term for the building where maple sap is boiled down to make maple syrup. 🙂

    1. Oh okay haha thank you so much for correcting me. Haha you can tell I’m american. I will fix that up on this and my next post. I would be glade to hear. I will mention you in my next post. 🙂

      1. Thank you. I didn’t mean to criticize. I was just surprised by the term, but thought it might be what your friend calls it. 🙂

  4. Cool. Reminds me of a time, some 15 years ago, when I visited a small town in Maine – they actually had, reluctantly, started to lock their front doors. But, as a guy said, they’d leave the back door open – “in case someone is coming around with a parcel or something that they need to drop off” 🙂

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