Meeting a new furry friend in Wuhan China

My time in Wuhan was coming to an end. Sadly, most of us know what happened to this beautiful city after I left. Writing this gives me mixed emotions. Love the fact that I met some awesome people here. I’m also heartbroken to what they recently went through. Either way, this trip gave me a stronger level of respect to the Chinese people. They are very warm and respectful. Compared to the Chinese I met outside of china.

Entrance to the small garden photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Had one more part of the park to explore. It was another garden. However, it was a little different. Now, I know that panada bears weren’t running around freely here. To my surprise, another animal was.

The tree in the middle photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Once you past the entrance, you see a tree in the middle. Had no idea what type of tree it was. Nor, did I know what the signs were saying. One of the main eye openers that I experienced in china was how beautiful nature is here. When I thought about China, all I knew was from the movies and TV shows. There were only factories and grey apartment buildings. Also, panada bears..(yeah, I’m still a little salty). However, China is much more than that!

Another cat I want to take home photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

As you see in the pictures, China has so many colors. It’s truly a beautiful place. I really recommend going after the virus dies down. Might be best to get travel health insurance. Very different than the normal travel insurance. Don’t really need to explain in detail. I’m sure you all can tell by the name, what is the difference of the two. One focuses on health and the other on flight delays.

Anyways, back to the story. There was a little trail on the side to the garden. Started following up the steps and I felt someone was watching me. You know that gut feeling of someone watching your every move. Kept looking around to see if there was some type of camera nearby. When I found a group of wild domesticated cats in the bushes. Being the cat lover that I am, I started calling for them. Most ran away. Only one stayed looking at me. I wanted to pet it so bad. Of course, I don’t want more complications while going through US immigration. Like why you smuggling cats? Never want to be asked that. I’m sure there are special jails for cat burglars in airports.

The shrine at the top of the trail photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Went to the top of the trail. There was a little shrine. I wish I knew what it meant. This little shrine was like a relaxation stop to sit and watch. The trail went on but to get back to the entrance. Truly enjoyed this part of China. Sadly, it was almost time for me to head back to the airport.

Thank you so much for reading! Much love and safe travels! Please keep healthy everyone!

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Meeting my first Egyptian friend

I woke up with an excited attitude. I was finally in the land of the pharaohs. Was in somewhat disbelief to my situation because this is a place you read in history books. Actually being here was a completely different feeling!

Walking down the staircase taken by Hugo Morel

Took the stairs down because I did not have much trust on the elevator. Calling it an elevator was a stretch. It was more like an open view lift. You can see it in the picture of above. The door is where you would enter into the lift. Looking back on this experience, I was lucky this was my first African country. Other African countries have become more European-like, in terms of everyday functions and infrastructure. You get a true sense of not being in the western world here and I loved it!

Walking down the streets of Cairo taken by Hugo Morel

Stepping outside and you smell the spices from the nearby markets. The chaos and the unfamiliarity, it was hard to not start falling in love with this place. Never had a feeling like this in another country. For some reason, I felt like I belonged. As if, I could live here and be happy. I was starting to see why there are a lot of foreigners living here.

Taken by Hugo Morel

As I was exploring, walked into a little friend. Surpised to see so many street cats. In many other countries, you will see more dogs on the streets. However, cats and donkies are what I saw over here. It’s somewhat interesting because the ancient Egyptians worshipped cats. Another example of experiencing a history book in real life.

My local friend that I wish I could had brought back with me taken by Hugo Morel

As my day of exploring was ending, decided to go back to my hostel. Met a few people from all over the world. Was introduced to a soccer player from Gambia. He was working on his visa to go play in Europe. My new friend was at the hostel for the time of the visa process. Also met a friend from Sudan and another from Colombia. The hostel was actually a place where students that were studying in the local universities called home. It was an interesting experience.

Egyptian Sunset with Cairo tower taken by Hugo Morel

As the sun was setting, decided to take another photo. Same spot in a different angle. This time the Cairo tower was in the background. Currently, the tallest Building in Cairo. Tomorrow was the day, I will meet up with a local human friend. Looking back, who knew that my friend would help me so much on my adventures in this country.

Thank you so much for reading! Much love and safe travels!


Brandon, the city that doors are unlocked

It was a two hour drive from Winnpeg to Brandon. Not much to see on the way there. The ride was extremely dull. Nothing but flat corn farms for hours. Luckily, I had made two new friends. Which made the ride survivable.

Brandon, Manitoba discovery center, Hugo Morel

Once we got into Brandon, the city reminded me of my hometown. Slow, small and it gave a chill vibe. I met the person who was I staying with. Luckily, she was a very nice person. It was a couch-surfing experience I will never forget.

outside my host’s house, Hugo Morel

Unfortunately, my host had to work. So I was stuck at the home for a day. She informed me how she never locks her doors. Of course, I was completely shocked. There was so much trust in this small city. No locks! Unless, it is late at night. This still surprises me.

waking up to these guys, Hugo Morel

I was introduced to two new furry friends. These guys were wild and crazy at times. Waking me up and jumping on the bed my host let me sleep on. It was hard not to develop feelings for these little guys. They would eat anything and I mean anything. Caught one trying to eat a rubber-band.

After the first day of being stuck inside, one of my teachers came. To find something entertaining, we tried to explore the city. That was over in 10 minutes, literally. The city only has 6 main streets. So we decided to hang out in Starbucks because of free WiFi. Long story short, we stayed there for two hours and some crazy guy kept trying to talk to me. He kept asking if my teacher, was my girlfriend. It was very awkward!!

Brandon, Manitoba is home to some very interesting wildlife. The southern part of the province, there are normal bears with black fur. As in the north, there polar bears and penguins! Also, it’s rumoured Santa Claus lives in the most northern part of the province. He also has wolves helping. One of them, was in the picture above.

Brandon’s downtown in the background, Hugo Morel

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