In the city that doesn’t sleep

New York city, the city that doesn’t sleep. Full of villains and creeps. Home of musical legends and people from all over the world. NYC is one of America’s greatest cities.

Usually, when people talk about New York City, it’s Manhattan. The next posts will be focussing on everything that is NYC. Which includes: Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and thier nieghborhoods.

When coming to NYC through the air, you either come through JFK, LaGuardia or Newark. If you are arriving by train or bus, pen station will be your entry to the city. By the way, the photo above was taken by me at the Empire State building.


New York City has an amazing character. In the subways, you have all types of personalities. From crazies asking for money to hipsters reading books. There is a never a dull moment in this city; unless, you are stuck in traffic or your train is delayed.

I have to come clean, New York style cheesecake is the best. I tried many cheesecakes in different countries and different parts of the USA. New York style has no competition. Once tried cheesecake in brazil, worst cheesecake ever created. It had a watery taste and it was very soggy.
New York, New York is truly a city that does not sleep. Where most cities the nightlife ends at ten, that is not the case in NYC. Many stores and restaurants are 24 hours. There is always a place to go during the middle of the night.

Thank you for taking your time to read this post! This is the start of several New York City related posts. Hope you guys will like it. Next week we will be in Brooklyn. Much love!! Stay safe and heathly!

38 thoughts on “In the city that doesn’t sleep

  1. I love New York! But I really can’t stay there for too long, I get overwhelmed! Once I spent three weeks with a friend in Brooklyn and I did get somewhat used to it, but I was very happy to return to my small town (population 1400).

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  2. I love t his. I’m originally from NYC, so I’m always curious to know what other people think about it. You’ll find a lot of character in the different area’s especially Manhattan vs. The Bronx! Have fun though!

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