Frozen lake and a bison buger

We just got invited to go to clear lake, Manitoba. We were excited to see the northern lights. Which was one of the reasons why we wanted to go to Canada. After about an hour and a half drive, we arrived at Clear lake.

Clear lake is a very small town with a population a little over 2,000 people. Majority of the people that have property here, tend to come during vacations/summer. The place feels like a great community to raise a family. Never met such wonderful and down to earth people.

As we drove deeper into this small community, we saw the frozen lake. This was the first time in my life to see a lake completely frozen. Being able to walk on the lake was mindblowing.


The lake had at least a foot and a half of ice covering it. I jumped a few times to see, if it was real. Luckily, it was.
One of our friends, who is a local, informed me about quinzees. A quinzee is a shelter made of out snow that is hallowed out. They are actually very warm. They were made from the indigenous people of Manitoba to survive the winters.

Since coming to clear lake, people kept telling me about this creation called the bison burger. I was really interested by this. The locals kept telling me it was very similar to beef. I had to try it for myself.
We finally found the place were they serve bison. To my surprise, it really did taste like beef. Bison is actually more healthier than beef. Makes you wonder, why beef is more common than bison. Probably, money is the root. Sadly, we did not see the northen lights as a group. I saw the northern lights at my host’s house, later that night.
Thank you guys for taking your time to read this post. I love you all! You are all awesome!! Next week we go to NYC!!! Much love and stay healthy!!

22 thoughts on “Frozen lake and a bison buger

  1. I wasn’t huge on bison when I had it, but it could have been the way it was prepared. Also, buffalo can’t be “farmed” like cows which is probably why it’s not as popular. We almost killed out the buffalo population before so I’m kind of glad it isn’t so popular, but at the same time it’s sad how cows are treated like part of a factory to produce beef. But on a positive note that looks like a cool place to visit!

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  2. It looks incredible, and incredibly… cold. I’ve always wanted to see Northern Canada and the Arctic in general, but not yet have been. Please post photos of the Northern Lights if you can! It’s more interesting to see them taken firsthand by a blogger than to see some National Geographic pic in my opinion. The burger looks delicious, I wish I wasn’t hungry now haha. It’s not hard to see why most of Canada is not very populous: inland and far north is not a recipe for temperance!! 😀

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