Heading towards the Wuhan Airport

My time was almost up in Wuhan. The clock was ticking. Saying good bye to a place that treated me so well would be hard. The bright smiles and the honesty I experienced was hard to replicate elsewhere.

Spongebob in wuhan photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

On my way back to the train station, I found this shop. It’s clear Pokemon and Japanese cartoons are big here. What surprised me was seeing spongebob. I could just picture all the censoring that show gets just to be aired on Chinese televisions. That show is not for kids at times. There’s a lot of hidden adult jokes. Plus, spongebob’s friend Patrick does nothing all day. Not sure if the Chinese government would let people do that.

The ticket machine of wuhan metro photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Went to the subway, it was business as usual. The subway ticket machines have the option to translate everything to English. So, I had no difficulties getting around. Just hard to think as what happened in current events. I was litterly in the belly of the beast when it comes to this virus. I was probably in a subway cart with someone had the corona virus. If not that, the subway cart at one point of the day had someone infected riding it. It’s almost hard to believe.

Side walk photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

I decided to get off at a random stop. I just wanted to see a little more of Wuhan and how the locals really live. The place I went was non-touristic. Expect the Highway, everything was very calm. Very few people on the streets.

The apartment buildings photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

The whole area was calm. It was just in front of a freeway. However, not many car passed by. I sat to reflect my on journey in Wuhan. I have had some amazing moments here. Been treated with respect everywhere I went. People with smiles trying to help me out without having bad intentions. This is a place, I would have to visit again. I have nothing but love and respect for the Chinese people.

Sunset photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

As the sun was setting, I had to walk back to the subway station. Every time I leave a country, I always reflect on how much I grown as a person. The negativity I was expecting when I came here was all in my prejudice thoughts. I wish I could see a little more of china before leaving. At that moment, I wanted to get off in another stop to see just a little bit more of Wuhan.

Much love and safe travels! Please keep clean everyone!! Wash your hands!!

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  1. This is so different from what’s on the media and I’m glad you’re sharing it at this timely moment. I’m happy you didn’t get the virus.
    Cheers to experiencing more cultures, meeting more kind hearts and living more. We need that now!

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