Seeing the Irish countryside

My time in the Irish capital has come to an end. I had to take a bus from Dublin to limerick then to Shannon. It was a weird time, I saw a bus crash in front of me while they tried to park. The back of the bus hit a street sign. I hope that wasn’t a foreshadow from the heavens.

waiting for the bus photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Eventually, my bus came and it was time to go. Ignoring the bad driving red flags, I got on the bus. The bust felt very spacious. It had WiFi and outlets, i’m sure you all know I was on Netflix. When going across Ireland, I really recommend bus Eireann. All jokes aside, they are a very reliable bus company. They have time tables and they are usually within 5 minutes of their schedule.  It’s a great way to see the Irish country side while seating comfortably.  They only crash when they are parking and not driving on the road 0.o. Last joke about crashing I promise!

The view of the front of the bus photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

While on the bus, all I could think about was the road and the green grass. Ireland is so clean. You can tell they put a lot of effort into roads and agriculture. The moment was perfect, all I needed was an Irish beer. I really felt integrated into the country.  In terms of experiencing Ireland. Main reason, why I don’t like driving when I’m in another country. I would be too unfocused on looking at the background and the scenery than looking at that road.

The Irish countryside photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Hours passed, I was still enjoying the moment. That green grass really matches the color of the Irish flag. What is missing from this was a green leprechaun and a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end. The memories of Dublin kept following through my head. The awesome smiles and friendliness of that city were now behind me. I was just looking forward and  not backwards. I couldn’t wait what new adventures waited for me in limerick. All I Knew, Limerick has stories and memories waiting  for me to experiencing them.

A field photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Finally got to limerick, dazed and tired I got on a taxi.  The calmness of the smaller city hit me. It was an unreal feel. Also, no crashes. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

Thank you all for reading. I wish you all health! In these uncertain times, keep your close ones safe.  Stay at home and don’t leave your home for no reason, if possible.  There are ways to order food online! Much Love and safe travels!

Much love and safe travels! Please keep clean everyone!! Wash your hands!!

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  1. Really nice to read your message about staying home.
    How is your experience travelling while the coronavirus is spreading through Europe. Are you finding it difficult to travel across borders ?

  2. Remind me of a recent trip coming home from Ireland – the Gatwick transfer bus driver crashed twice in about 800 metres of driving! I simply couldn’t believe it.

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