The Possible Berber connection to the lost kingdom of atlantis

When I learned about the possible connection, I was completely mind blown. I never expected the lost city of Atlantis having roots to the biggest desert on earth. What I’m about to say and point out, will be very controversial.

So, let’s start with what was the known map according to Herodotus. As you can clearly see in the photo above, the Amazigh world is labeled as atlantes. Herodotus is no fool. He is dubbed as the Father Of History. Herodotus got this nickname from being one of the first writers to create a system of investigations to prove his historical theories. He is not someone who would just create a random map. This map holds a lot of historical weight.

google map of where the eye of the sahara

Diving deeper into this topic, I found out the Maghreb (which is now: Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, Western Sahara, Alegria and Mauritania) was all one country. From the previous post, you would know that is the Tamazgha. Meaning the land of the Amazigh or Berber people. Looking back, there many dots here to connect. All of this will make sense soon.

bird’s view of the eye of sahara
another view of bird’s view of eye of the sahara

When in the country of Mauritania, there’s a structure that historical nerds really need to check out. It’s called the Richat Structure. It is also known as The Eye of Africa or The Eye of the Sahara. If you look at it closely, the structure is similar to Plato’s description of Atlantis. Im not just jumping on random conclusions. There are a number of growing historians that are starting to support this theory.

Photo courtesy of

Plato mentioned that Atlantis was a kingdom that was in it’s prime 9 thousand years ago. It’s has been over 2 thousands ago, since Plato was alive. So, we are talking about a kingdom that is over 11 thousand years old. There are many reports that the ocean levels were higher back then. Making the eye of Africa closer to the ocean. There have been whale bones found in the deserts of Mauritania. This means that parts of the Sahara desert was once underwater. Also, guess who named the Atlantic ocean? If you guessed Herodotus, then you were right. The same guy who made the map of the world with Atlantis is the same guy who named the Altanic Ocean.

The Atlas mountains of North Africa photo courtesy of

Now this is where things get very interesting. The first king of the Mauri people is called Atlas. When the romans came to this part of the world, they decided to call the land Mauritania. The mountain range of North Africa is called Atlas.

A photo of Atlas photo courtesy of Wikipedia

For those who don’t know who atlas is, I will make it clear. Atlas was a titan condemned to hold the heavens for entirety. Played roles in the stories of Hercules and Perseus. Stated by the Greek poet Hesiod, the Titan was far west towards the end of the earth. In Greek mythology, he was a titan as stated earlier. However, this is different according to Plato. To him, Atlas was the son of Poseidon and a mortal woman. Poseidon is the god of the ocean. Altanic ocean means “Sea of Atlas.” Atlantis means “island of Atlas.” There’s a big connection here.

Acient Berber alphabet photo courtesy of
greek alphabet

Now looking at the Berber alphabet, you can tell that there’s some Greek influces in the letters. How does this connect the Berbers to Atlantis? You probably ask. Well, the Mauri kingdom later named Mauritania is the acient Berber Kingdom. The mauri were later to be called Berbers and once Islam spread, moors. Having my last name being Moorish, it’s crazy to think I might have a connection to this lost Kingdom. Too bad of the history was lost due to war.

Here are some youtube videos on the topic!

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