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Who were the Anglo-Saxons?

This is something that I always questioned living in the usa. The differences between Anglo America and Latin America. What made something Anglo and where did the term Anglo come from? Being in London at the time, I started doing research on the Anglo-Saxons. Thanks to google, it is so easy nowadays to learn about…

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Who were the Italians before Rome?

When we think about Italy, we automatically think of Rome. However, Rome wasn’t the only ancient civilization in Italy. There were actually quite a few. However, none influenced Rome like Etruscan. Hopefully, this post will spread some light on a civilization often living in the shadows of rome. The Etruscans dominated Italy before the rise…

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Being reintroduced to Florence, Italy

There’s something special about revisiting a place. From landmarks you didn’t see to overlooking the small street corners, experiencing a destination should be done more than once. You get to appericate the location more. As my friends and I started walking/exploring, we eventually stumble across this river. Although I saw this river in my last…

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