A step through time at Dublin’s Castle

In the heart of Dublin lays a governmental building on dame street. The history that these walls have seen is astounding. Never been someone who likes monarchs; however, I was convinced to come here by a few local I met. Main reason why I came here is to see the Irish history in person.

Dublin castle sign photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

When you first come into the Dublin castle area, you will notice a few gift shops. Didn’t bother going in them because I’m  sure the prices are on the tourist trap side. There is another gift inside the castle that you can visit. They sell generic touristic items like key-chains and magnets.  The other store outside the castle sold crystals and fine china. Things that would cost me more money to bring them back home. Imagine bring a large crystal on a trip to the USA and being stopped by a security guard at the airport. They check your bags and they find this giant rock of a substance they are not sure of. I’m a Hispanic of African descent, it’s best not to let them think I’m smuggling some new type of drug. Besides a few small crystals on necklaces or bracelets, I’m not going to take that risk.

A knight in front of the crystal store photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

The whole outside of the castle really gave me that old age feel. During the times knights, dragons and wizards were a part of everybody’s daily lives.  You could almost hear the classic Irish music  playing as you walk around. Makes you wonder how many people passed by here. Picture the battles that were fought to maintain these walls. I mentioned this before, I wish we could have a time machine to travel back into the past. Where you can see the events happen in real time. One could dream right?

Entrance of into the courtyard of the Dublin castle photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

I kept mentioning the history of the Dublin castle without actually explaining it. So, this castle was built when Ireland was on under the English rule. During the times of King John of England in 1204. Later being completed in 1230, this castle has been used as a governmental building. Even today, this is where the president of Ireland holds his meetings.

State dinning Room photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Once inside, you have to leave your bags and purses in a locker. You will have to pay to get in the castle. There are no videos allowed in the castle. You are allowed to take photos of course. Just remember to have the flash off.

The photo above is the state dining room, also know as the picture gallery. I’m guessing because people take a lot of photos here. This is actually the oldest part of castle. It was the only room to escape the many fires over the years. Also, it has never gotten any major modifications. Meaning,  it has kept it’s original decorations. Truly, it’s like stepping in time.

State drawing room photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Now, the picture above is the State Drawing Room.  I have no idea who the people in the picture were. I just knew they were important to the Irish history. Sadly, most of this room was destroyed by a fire in 1941. It was reconstructed in 1968, this room is probably one of the newest in the castle. Once a reception room for the king at the time, now foreign dignitaries use it.


What is a castle without a throne? An expensive mansion? The pictures above are the thrones I have found on my trip throughout the castle. I was expecting more to be honest. I guess movies have influenced my mental picture of what a throne should be. I was expecting a bigger chair with tons of gold on it. The one on the right is in the throne room. Apparently, this was built for King George IV’s visit to Ireland in 1821.

The throne on the left, I found in St. Patrick’s Hall. Which is the biggest room in the castle. It has a blue carpet on the floor. So, it’s hard to miss. I read this is the throne for the president of Ireland.  Always cool to look at in person. When you are in Ireland, I definitely recommend taking a visit. It will be worth the money!

Thank you so much for reading! Much love and safe travels!

Ps. Got in contact with a few friends I met in Wuhan, China. Will explain it in Wednesday’s post!

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  1. I love Ireland. We spent a few days there and dipped a toe into Dublin but didn’t see the castle. I agree with you, that’s not a throne, it’s a chair! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love you post! Dublin is my favorite place! I saw the castle several years ago and wasn’t super impressed, but your pictures are lovely!

    1. Thank you so much! Glad you are enjoying them! Dublin is a place that puts a smile on my face. True, I expected the castle to bigger and more fancy….it was almost like they were forced to make the castle while hating the english. Which might be the reason why the thrones are small. Lol

  3. I spent several years in Dublin, I would recommend the garden behind the castle, it is free and a quiet place in the central area. Check out the huge snakes …

  4. Ireland is on my bucket list. Keeping my fingers crossed for this year. Your line, “They check your bags and they find this giant rock of a substance they are not sure of. I’m a Hispanic of African descent, it’s best not to let them think I’m smuggling some new type of drug ” made me laugh (and choke on my coffee). Can totally relate!

    1. lol i hope the coffee wasn’t too hot. yes, im sure you will be able to go. dublin is very cheap to travel to form the usa around spring and summer. there are a few airports make sure to check all of them. ireland is kind of small, a few hours bus or train ride can get you almost anywhere in that country . safe travels

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