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Last day in Assisi, Italy

I was soon to be saying goodbye to Assisi for a second time. With a lot of culture connections to this part of Italy, leaving it behind would be hard again. This is something that gets harder the more times you do. The clam and sophisticated atmosphere is hard to match. The european small town…

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My last day in Iceland

My final full day in Iceland appeared out of nowhere. There I was, thinking I had a few more days. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Spent the night before trying to capture the northern lights. That ended up in a failure. Didn’t have the right equipment on me to take a quality photo. As seen in…

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A sprinkle of Icelandic folklore

I don’t usually go into depth with the local folklore of the countries I visit. However, after exploring the lava caves and learning about the elves got me interested. Especially, with the local mythology having to do with the new Marvel movies. Yes, Thor is related to this Island way up North. Lava cave tour…

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