Going further into Hyde Park and reflecting about living in the USA

After my time of exploring the flower garden, I decided to walk towards this statue. It looked super important and I had to take a picture of it. The statue represents the British Empire and its strength. With everything that is going on now, I wonder if this statue will still be up. This was last summer, it’s crazy how things can change so quickly. Never even thought twice about statues like these. Which, I’m glad to be more aware of these issues.

A statue photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Started going towards where the people were being people. I love people watching. Everybody was acting so genuine. Laughter with friends, you can tell Londoners live a nice life. When I say nice, I mean a life full of calmness. Although, in certain areas, there are parts of London that are busy just like any major city in the USA.

People sitting at the park photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Kept walking around to feel the moment. The differences in attitudes from New York City and London are very noticeable. I mentioned this before in another post. However, New Yorkers are very rude compared to the locals of this British city. It’s weird how living in new york has changed me. People say Londoners are rude and unfriendly. Try living in New York for a while. Nothing compares to the rudeness of the big apple. Afterward everywhere else, rude people seem mild.

Another view of the park photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

I felt so at peace here. I always feel this way when I’m out of the USA. In the USA, lately there always some stressful event going. During the time I went here, there was a record high shooting in Chicago.  Also, the feeling of not worrying about being shot by police or some crazy person. That calm vibe and feeling are expressed in the faces of the locals here. There are violent crimes in London that involve a gun. However compared to the USA, the numbers are a lot lower. According to the number of violent crimes per population.

Street lamp photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

It started to get a little dark. Saw this street lamp. It reminded me of all the videos I have seen about London. The lamp had a spooky and classic charm. Here in England, it rains a lot. A little too much for my liking. However, that feeling of being safe is worthwhile. I almost wish I could live here. Until I saw the prices of the apartments.

Stay safe everyone and remember to wash your hands!

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  1. Actually, hand guns were banned in London after a mass shooting in 1996. Some rifles and shotguns can be owned by you have to go to the local police department to get licensed to own them.

    Looks like a sweet trip. I’m not fond of gray and a lot of rain, so the UK wouldn’t be a place I’d want to live. I’d like to see the countryside.

    1. I think the usa should do something like that. In my opinion.
      Haha yeah, i always liked the gray sky growing. When it wasn’t fire smoke. The countryside of England is very beautiful!

      1. Yes, mass murder after mass murder and the US does nothing, other than allow white militia members to walk around armed at BLM peaceful protests and storm city halls fully loaded?!

  2. Traveling overseas allows us to step back and reflect on our own home country’s culture. Visiting countries in Europe is all the more apparent, with differences in race and gun culture, as you mentioned. Not to say that one’s better than the other, but it certainly puts things into perspective! Hope you enjoy your time in London. 🙂

    1. thank you for the input. kind of jealous you lived in Paris. i was told by friends over there. There is no race over there. Been tossed which is better to live but it will be hard to live so far away from family

      1. I need to correct you: I’ve never lived in Paris (only exception being for a summer when I studied abroad), but rather in other parts of France. I also wouldn’t say that there’s “no race” in France, but rather there’s the attempt to be color-blind, yet I do find it’s quite problematic, as it invites prejudice and oppression in different forms (especially to the Arab population). Race issues in France (and other European countries) do exist, but they’re different than in the US. And while I know that it’s not great to be in the US right now, I think we need to be careful in saying where is “better to live,” because no place is perfect. That was what I intended to mean with my previous comment. Just wanted to clarify!

      2. haha had to reread my comment becuase i swear i wrote france. i think about my friends that lived in paris while writing paris lol yeah thank you for further explaining. it is true that racism is everywhere and nowhere is perfect. interesting though. now that i think about it the color blind will probably “blind” people to the struggles of other ethinic groups.

  3. London is a big and beautiful city, with a rich history. Though its lifestyle is being renewed with the arrival of new populations that are transforming certain areas and making the city more diverse.
    New York is much more overwhelming in general with so much energy, but the rush hour in the City looks very much the same.

  4. The last time I went to London it was for Barbra Streisand’s concert in Hyde Park. I had been there many times but seeing it so crowded was quite a different view.

  5. Great post – a real eye-opener from a non-Londoner’s perspective. I always thought people in America were so friendly. (In the past I’ve been to San Francisco and along the coast. Love visiting (wish I could live there). Glad you like London too.

  6. I enjoyed your post. I know the “vibe” of Europe is vastly different then here in the USA and to be honest, I prefer that vibe. Europeans live at a totally different pace then here. Thank you for sharing your trip.

  7. London has changed so much over the last twenty or so years it is barely recognizable to me now. But the peace whereof you speak (without the prices) pervades much more of UK than just London…

  8. Lovely post. Was the statue St. George and the Dragon? I couldn’t tell. I love the idea of the people being so peaceful. How wonderful.

  9. I was actually thinking of Hyde Park today (writing about London), so it’s perfect to have found this post. The park was beautiful although, unfortunately, I only had enough time there to people and animal watch while munching on a sandwich from Harrod’s. Take care!

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