And I’M Off to Norway

The next morning, I decided to just explore the subways of Stockholm. I heard from a few friends, how beautiful some of the stations are. Afterwards, I will be flying to Norway. To see what the next door neighbor had to offer.

A subway station in Stockholm photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Got on the subway, it was so clean and very quiet. Not even one person was on their phones talking or speaking to a friend. It was kind of odd to me. It reminded of my time in Munich, Germany. The subways there were really quiet too. Must be a northen European thing. It almost felt awkward to ask your friend next to you, “What stop we get off at?” I kid you not, when in Munich, she texted me the name of the station we were supposed to get off that.

The way the subway stations are built in Stockholm are a work of art. They leave the bedrock and carve around it. With the leftover rock, they paint on them like in the picture above. The ones I went to weren’t too nice. I kept trying to find solna centrum station but I got lost. It’s the one that the rock is painted red and black. It looks amazing!

The train to the airport photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

After getting in the subway, it was time to head back to pack for my trip to Norway. I was super excited to see what Norway was all about. I defintely have to visit Stockholm again but during the summer. My time in this beautiful city was ending. The second half of my Nordic weekend getaway was just starting.

The stockholm airport photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Getting to the airport in stockholm is not too diffcult. It cost me about 25 dollars at the time. I wanted to take a taxi but, it was about 75 dollars from where I was staying. It was a lot faster to go by train ironically. It just made more sense to not take a taxi

At the airport, it was surprisingly empty. There were people but, in certain areas. Compared to JFK, SFO and LAX there was practically no one. I didn’t noticed my first time how much space this airport has. Just the little things you notice when you aren’t super excited to explore.

Flying over Sweden and norway photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

When I got on the plane, I got lucky. My seat was taken, I was shown first hand that it’s more secure to pay that little extra to reserve your seat. I didn’t pay it because it seemed unnessary. This was around the time a man got kicked off a plane for the same situation. I kept calm and asked the flight attendant. She pointed me to a few extra seats in the back. Ensuring that I was going on this flight. I sat down and I was able to relax.

While in the air, got to see a bird’s eye view of how wonderful Norway and Sweden are during the winter. It’s has patches of snow mixed with trees. Looked really nice to me. Of course, this is coming from someone who grew up where it never snowed. I’m sure some of you are sick of it.

Walking to the gate at the Oslo airport photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

After about 2 hours, we landed at the olso Airport. Of course, they didn’t let the plane drive to the gate. We had to get off and walk to the gate in all this cold. The moment I took one step out of the plane, a blast of cold wind hit me. It felt like I ran into a brick wall. My exploring of Norway just started and it was looking like I had to get a lot of hot chocolate.

Stay safe everyone and remember to wash your hands!

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  1. When did you take this trip to Norway and Sweden?

    Have you ever read about the men, mostly immigrants, who worked on digging out the tunnels under the Hudson and other tunnels in NY for the subways, water pipes, etc? I read a powerful book, This Side of Brightness, by Colum McCann. It is a powerful fiction book based on a true event. There are other non-fiction books, too. It was very dangerous work.

    1. It was around the second week of January last year.
      Never really thought about. I knew they worked really hard but im sure it must had been very stressful and dangerous.thank you for suggestion. you reminded me that i have to go to the museum of subway in nyc.

      1. The book I mentioned is based on an incident where the few men at the very head of the tunnel, in a highly pressurized area, few speaking English, had an accident. One man accidentally struck through a hole, got sucked through and blown up through the river and hundreds of feet into the air. He died. Another couple men got blown up and injured but survived. One man got stuck between the tunnel and the river, never was found. This stuff happened often.

      2. wow, that is so sad…it’s crazy that most don’t even appericate the workers that built the subways and what they go through. thank you..makes me more appreciative. never knew about these things nor thought about it, I’m sure they were abused because most didn’t speak English

    1. Yes, I’d never thought if those that built subways, tunnels, water pipe tunnels, Bart in the Bay area, the skyscrapers. The work was very dangerous, low pay, no benefits or support if they got hurt, communication issues between immigrants from so many countries.

      1. yeah, sometimes, you just have to value the people who work these types of jobs! imagine being a window cleaner in the skyscrapers of Chicago, new york or Dubai. these little I tend to take for granted

  2. I *almost* thought you were actually travelling. I was about to have heart palpitations because I’m surrounded by quarantine life and so badly want to travel!
    Damn. You nearly made me faint there. Imagine… travelling again…..

      1. it’s on my list of thing to do, I was in my local cathedral and there was this choir from Norway there, and they were singing one of my favorite songs, the leonard Cohen classic, it was one of the highlights of the year, be blessed

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