Last day in Assisi, Italy

I was soon to be saying goodbye to Assisi for a second time. With a lot of culture connections to this part of Italy, leaving it behind would be hard again. This is something that gets harder the more times you do.

Church at Assisi photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

The clam and sophisticated atmosphere is hard to match. The european small town vibe mixed with the Italian culture is diffcult to let go. In a poetic way, even the clouds were sad. Since it started to rain later on in the day.

Outside of the church of Assisi photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

I was excited to be going to another part of Italy. However, I wanted to move here. Away from the stress, the hustle and bustle was nowhere to be seen.

On the hiking trial of hills of Assisi photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Hiking the mountains of Assisi is an activity that should be on every list. You get to walk the steps of Saint Francis. If you are Christian, it’s really awesome to see how this staint lived. For non-Christians, it’s a great way to see the city from a higher point of view. The mountain trial is for everybody.

The city of Assisi from the hills photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

As we ended our hike, it was time to hit the road. Assisi was going to be another memory. One that will always be on my mind when I want to relax.

Safe travels everyone and much love!

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  1. The Assisi church is so beautiful. I read somewhere that it changes from white to pinkish colour depending on the time of the day. I just saw it in the morning so can’t compare.

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