My last day in Iceland

My final full day in Iceland appeared out of nowhere. There I was, thinking I had a few more days. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Spent the night before trying to capture the northern lights. That ended up in a failure. Didn’t have the right equipment on me to take a quality photo. As seen in the picture below, the only lights my camera captured were lights made by humans.

Trying to take photo of the Northern lights photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

The morning afterwards was a little difficult to get up. I started to pack and get ready for the flight back home. Once done, I left my luggage in my rented locker and I was off to explore Iceland for a final time.

On another note, the awesome thing about Iceland is it’s features for tourists. One of those features are that most tours are at a reasonable price. Also, if you miss the Northern Lights, you have up to three years to go on the tour again. It is free and you can keep doing this until you see the natural phenomenon. Just remember the email to show the email receipt.

A small river photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Booked a last minute tour to see a few more sights around Iceland. Honestly, don’t remember what exact part of Iceland this was. Just knew it was somewhere in Southeast Iceland. Looking at the simple life of the Icelandic people, I noticed that fishing is a major part of their economy. I later learned that Iceland almost did not join the European Union. They had a fear of over-fishing from the other European members. That would cause their native fishes to go extinct. Of course, they made a deal and this freezing cold Island is now in the E.U.

Waterfalls photos courtesy of Hugo Morel

We ended up seeing more waterfalls. It’s hard to believe how many waterfalls are in Iceland. Still Iceland a has different charm to it. Most countries have big cities or human made tourist attraction. Iceland is very unlike other countries, all the tourist attractions are naturally made.

Ocean view photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

About 3 hours later, I went back to my hostel. Started exploring the surrounding areas again. Iceland is breathtaking, both with the bitter wind trying to freeze your lungs and the country’s beauty. It’s a shame that I will be leaving this behind but, this bitter cold is no joke! I will always be amazed to what this country has to offer.

Modern art of a viking ship photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

It’s hard to believe, how the Vikings used to travel around in this cold. Especially, traveling long distanced in the ocean. Iceland, I must visit you again. Next time when I come, it will definitely be during the summer time.

Thank you for reading. Much love and safe travels!

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    1. Oh, wow. I dream of travelling to Iceland. Will check out your other posts on your visit to the country! Thanks for checking out my blog!

  1. Iceland is in my top 5 favourite countries with Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and Muscat. I have friends who live outside of Reykjavik so it helps bring down the costs. Ha ha.

  2. Iceland is such a beautiful country and one I’ll love to visit one day. Wonderful post!

    1. Well if you ever do go, dont go during the winter time 😂 it’s not fun if you like warm weather. lol

    1. It’s a wonderful place! Don’t be too jealous…went during the coldest time 😂 almost froze myself. Lol

  3. Iceland is very high on my list of countries that I would like to visit – thanks for the share of your experience! Just a quick note – Iceland is not in the E.U. I had a look online – it is not one of the member states, although it mostly likely has made many trade deals, etc with the E.U.

  4. I’ve been in Iceland in the summer. It’s not necessarily a picnic, either. If you search “Iceland” on my blog you can read all about my Hellnarian adventures. I doubt I’ll be back, but I wouldn’t have missed the experience. It didn’t help that I had a ruptured Achilles tendon at the time, no bed, no Internet, no sunshine… Still, I like Iceland. I went there because I love Icelandic sagas. That part of the adventure was wonderful.

  5. I’m so happy I checked out your blog! Iceland looks like an adventure. 🙂 From the thumbnail, the photo looked like a beach but I can see it’s clearly snow now! I am happy you had a fun time here!

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