An Inside look of Wuhan, China pre-coronavirus: On the journey to find the yellow crane tower

After looking like a crazy lost tourist, I was able to make some new friends at Starbucks. Looking back, it kind of hurts to think that these kind people are probably in a hospital now. It’s crazy how everything can change in such a short time. I was here in December 2019. Fast forwarded a month into the future and the corona-virus took over. It’s really sad to think about. However, getting back into the story, my new friends gave me directions and sites to see in Wuhan. They were surprised to see someone that looks like me in this part of china. I was seeing a pattern, I started to noticed they do not get travelers from all over the world here. The more time I spent in this central Chinese city, the more I enjoyed it. I’m just lost for words at how nice the people were to foreigners. Especially me being an american citizen, did not expect this type of treatment.

China’s verison of forever 21 photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Following the directions of my new friends, I ended up in a commercial strip. Saw stores from all over the world. Brands, I was familiar with and others not so much. As shown in the picture above, you can see a lot of local stores take inspiration from American brands. It’s really hard to believe this is a “communist” china. I even saw people openly wearing cross necklaces and the Muslim hats called kufi. China is not like what the media tells us. I keep getting told that most Chinese have to be atheist. From just looking around, I see that people practice religion here. To what level of freedom, I will explain in another post.

Sign pointing where the yellow crane tower exit is photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Got back on the subway, the original subway worker that I asked directions from. It looks like what she said got lost in translation. I ended missing the stop I was supposed to go. It wasn’t that bad because it was only like two stops away. I followed the poster pointing to what exit I should take. As seen above, everything was in Mandarin. Expect for some reason, the word “exit” was translated. I guess they want tourist like me to figure out the yellow crane tower might possibly be that way.

Red banner photo courtesy of Hugo morel

Got out of the underground and I was taken to the front of a park. I really wished I knew what these signs meant. They looked very important. Luckily, there were pictures of what not to do on the right. Still, the red banner made me wonder. Are they saying, “we don’t like Americans!” Or maybe, “All Americans eat cheeseburgers and french fries for breakfast!” Jokes aside, it could be government propaganda or just stating the park’s name. Which, I still do not know the name of this place. If any of you can read Mandarin, please let me know what the banner says. It would be greatly appreciated.

Art- I have no idea what that means photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Walked more into the park, everybody seemed at easy and stress-less. I’m sure a complete 180 degree to the current events happening right now. Still, it’s hard to believe how peaceful everything was. Old people watching the birds and kids running around without a care in the world. Everybody was just enjoying their day. An atmosphere, I just had to sit down and enjoy. For once on my recent trip around Asia, I felt relax. No one wanted to scam me and no one harassing me. Wuhan, China isn’t so bad, it’s actually very enjoyable. I just hope everything calms down, so that you all can experience this someday.

The beautiful nature photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

The one thing that stood out to me about china is the natural beauty. You see it on the subway. The leaves and plants look so beautiful. I always thought China was nothing but apartment buildings and packed streets. So far, I have been wrong! Couldn’t wait to see what else China had to offer.

Thank you so much for reading! Much love and safe travels!

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34 thoughts on “An Inside look of Wuhan, China pre-coronavirus: On the journey to find the yellow crane tower

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  1. It means: those who arrived to set up this place will be with us for ever, protecting. Settled in Pagodas, the gods/souls of us. There is also something like: Be the servant/citizen or go out from.

      1. No, French and Irish are difficult to read 😀 Whatever, following description, the Tourists are welcome there, maybe not at the moment.

      2. wow, i thought it would be easy for you since you live in Ireland. do they teaching Irish at the schools or is it a new thing? yeah, that virus is no joke. stay safe!

      3. Please, understand me well now.:
        The only one in ROI partly rebuilt, still under the demolition. Through 800 years people here were killing for using the Irish language. They were killing for though they do exist. Yes, Government is trying to reinstate native language here. Free from 1920 but under control untill Brexit left EU. Re-public means… 😉

      4. Government is re-cultivating Irish, ROI is 100 years old, people were killing through 800 years for using Irish.

  2. It’s wonderful you’ve been able to travel to so many wonderful places.

    I would recommend that rather than assuming, focusing on and thus helping to create the people you met being sick or dead…how about seeing and knowing they are healthy, strong and with great vitality, surviving and thriving this latest dark government fear fueled project. When diseases are put on billboards, and featured in mass hysteria media reports, it serves the dark’s agenda of keeping people separate and afraid and adds to the numbers of those harmed. It sells their toxic medications and treatments. We are much more powerful than their fear tactics.

    1. Katelon, they do depend on their government. This is what we can’t change. Closed means closed. The inner Spark of One can change everything 🙂

      1. You did not understand my comment. That is ok. Hugo knows me, reads my blog and has followed my comments on this situation before. He understands what I’m talking about and that is all that matters to me.

      2. Hi, Katelon. I got you well. And yes, I saw the part of your blog. My comment was a big complement for you – the Flame. Eve

      1. It is the dark secret govt. and the dark owned media and all the industries they run and use to spread these manufactured diseases that do the fear mongering. So sad that they value life so little. Power and greed are their Gods.

  3. It’s nice to see what Wuhan is like from your first hand experience. I didn’t know the place exists in China before all this virus news. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I’m moving to a city not too far from Wuhan in September. It’s crazy to think that a week or so after I accepted my job offer, the virus really ramped up. Despite the virus, I’m still looking forward to moving and I’m glad to see some pictures from central China! It looks beautiful!

  5. When you see red banners, they usually carry slogans. This one says, have a solid mindset of people or keep people solidly in your mind. Serve people with quality and efficiency. I guess a little education is in order 😄: Mandarin is one of hundreds, if not thousands, dialects spoken there, historically by the people of where is now known as Beijing. Many dialects like Cantonese are just as foreign as French for a Mandarin speaker. The only difference is that I can read and understand the writing of a person from Canton but not from France. Beijing, being the capital for the last two dynasties for a total of about six hundred years and since 1949, its dialect became the “official” tone. Had the Qin Dynasty lasted a thousand years, as its first emperor, Qin Shi Huang, wished, you would hear my dialect spoken everywhere instead of Mandarin 🤭.

    May I suggest my blog from yesterday ” Some Thoughts from COVID-19″ and see if it sheds a different light on your thinking about China not being communist.

    1. Haha sure i will check it out! I would love to learn more about china! Mandarin and cantonese is like the latin languages. Spanish, Italian and Portuguese are so similar. I can understand about half of what they are saying or reading. Thank you so much for sharing more about china!

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