Getting around Dublin’s Temple Bar

After a long deserved sleep, I woke up with tons of energy. It was time for me to see what Dublin was really about. Got dressed and I was out the door. One of the staff, at the hostel I was staying, told me to visit Temple bar first. Since, the hostel was just a ten minute walk away.

One of the famous pubs in temple bar photo courtesy of Hugo morel

When I finally got to Temple bar, a big smile found it’s way on my face. This was the Ireland I pictured going to. The Irish music blasting from the nearby pubs mixed with sounds of the locals having a good time. Now this was Ireland and I wouldn’t traded for anything in the world. This moment was perfect. For those who don’t know, I always enjoyed the Irish people. I have an uncle who is Irish and Italian. I remember the stories he used to tell me about his family in Ireland. Everything around me at that moment reminded me of my childhood memories of him. He was really kind to me as a kid and all I did was caused him headaches. We all had that stage growing up. It was called the teenage years. I’m sure we can all look back at them and shake our heads in embarrassing. It’s crazy, I was never really excited about going to Ireland before this trip. I’m glad that my experiences in Ireland slowly changed my mind.

Directions signs for tourist in temple bar photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Started walking further into this touristic Dublin neighborhood, until I noticed that people were drinking. It was about 10:45 am at the time I started exploring. People here were already drinking this early. Dublin really gives that party atmosphere. If I was here back in my early 20’s, I’m sure I wouldn’t have left the pubs. They seem like the hangout spot for people here. Also, I really enjoyed how the signs were in English and Gaelic. Shows that the Irish are proud of their history. Which is something I want to share on a later post.

The temple bar scenery photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Going around Temple bar, you sense the relax and chill atmosphere. Completely different than limerick, Dublin just makes you feel at ease. Didn’t feel that threat of being jumped or attacked. This feeling is something you don’t feel in most American cities. Everybody here did not have that tense look on them. People here were focused but not in a rush to get their destination.

Temple bar at sunset photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

I know I just did a time skip with the photo above; however, I had to show you all a sneak peek of how temple looks at night. I can see why people really enjoyed the Irish capital. Next week, we will go to the Dublin castle!

Thank you so much for reading! Much love and safe travels!

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  1. This is such a great representation of Temple Bar- I’ve been to Dublin a couple of times now, and the experience you describe of this being the Ireland you pictured is so relatable. Did you manage to find yourself in the bar with the motorbike mounted on the wall?- That’s something I won’t forget. Great post! -Jay

    1. thank you! yeah dublin is probably my favorite city of all Ireland. i think i did, i went to a few bars. The one with the motorbike kind of looked like a dive bar. thank you once again

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