Wuhan, China pre-coronavirus: On the journey to find the yellow crane tower part 2

The further one goes into this park in Wuhan, the more you are reminded of China’s Communist past. One of the cool things about going into parks are the statues. The historical meaning of them have always made my inner nerd happy (yeah, I got an inner nerd….so what?). I truly wished I could had read Mandarin at the time I was here. I would loved to have know what these statues meant.

Statues of national pride photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Being an outsider in a forgien country is always interesting. However, being an outsider that doesn’t speak nor read the local language is a whole other experience. You can only really guess what the signs mean. In order to survive, you have to learn to adapt and read people. It’s a skill that everybody should learn! These survivor skills have helped me in so many ways. I have gotten out of some diffcult situations because I read the energy people were throwing out. Put me any where in the world and I will survive.

The garden at the park. (My shadow looks like it gained 100 pounds) photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Kind of got lost while looking for this “epic” landmark google told me to go. Nothing wrong with the landmark, I was just annoyed about google knowing where I was going. To the point, I had a few notifications from the “know it all” empire. It’s like they are saying, “hey, we know where you going at all times because we got you on a gps.”

Anways, started asking people where this yellow crane tower was. I kept getting pointed to the same direction. I was surprised at how well some of the locals knew how to speak English. The others that didn’t just pointed. It’s really crazy how warm and welcoming the Chinese were to me. To be blunt, I was expecting some form hostility. Not even from the immigration officers at the airport, not once was I treated with disrespect. I’m sure you all can understand why I feel the way I do. Hearing about the virus on the news is one thing; however, meeting the people effected in a warm light can really cause conflicting emotions.

Old man statue photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

After some time, I eventually found this statue. Once again, my feeling of wanting to read the local langague pop out. There was a level of disconnect. I felt this before in other countries. If only humans didn’t have to sleep, imagine the possibilities of learning.

The area where the statue is located was a square. Looked like a lovely place to just relax and let the minutes pass by. It was calm like people didn’t have a care in the world. An atmosphere some people around the world can only dream of. Makes me wonder how the park looks like now during the civil unrest.

Entrance to the museum with interesting flag photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Kept walking and I found this entrance. It looks like some type of museum. I loved how the flag looked. One of the people that told me where to go, tapped my back and waved no. Well, more gestured no. She pointed me to the right direction. After about 2 mins, it was clear I found the yellow crane tower.

Ps: Update on some of the friends I met here. So right now, they are doing fine. Worried but they are doing fine. Currently, there is a civil unrest. The people of Wuhan feeling like they are not being told the truth about the media. There has been alot of push back on censorship. They are speaking through social media before the government can censor. This started because a doctor died from the censorship. He was told to be quiet about it. For you want to read more about this here is the link.

Thank you so much for reading! Much love and safe travels!

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  1. I really love the photos, I haven’t been to China but I’d love to go someday. I loved the comment on being worried about being treated with hostility. I always think people will be hostile to me when I travel but I think traveling will quickly teach you that the world is much kinder than we think it is!

    1. yeah, i was once worried about people and how they treat you. traveling does really end racism. once you meet the people and learn other people’s culture, you realize how nice and loving everybody really is.

  2. Actually the sculpture probably and statue definitely have nothing to do with the Communist Party. The sculpture is, if I’m not mistaken, for the city’s role in Xinghai Revolution, overthrowing the last imperial dynasty, the Wing Dynasty. Search for the Wuchang Uprising. BTW, Wuhan is actually a combination of two cities, Wuchang and Hankou. One on each side of the Yangtze River. Wuhan is taken from the first character of the two cities. The sculpture is for the revolutionaries from that Uprising who are today’s Nationalists residing in Taiwan. The statue is the founding father of the Nationalist Party and China republic, worshipped by the Communists as well.

    1. Yeah i read that somewhere. Thank you for letting me know. Wuhan is very big it makes sense that it is two cities in one! I really appericate this information! Don’t get me wrong, i know now china is not Communist like i pictured. I really want to go again soon! China is beautiful

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