Wandering and learning at The Dubai Museum

To escape the heat, I decided to go and see what the Dubai museum was about. Took the metro to get there. It was a little bit of a walk away from the nearest station. So much for escaping the heat.

Dubai Museum on the left photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

When I got there, I was surprised to see the price of the tickets. It was about 3 USA dollars to go around. I’m not much of a museum person. However over my travels, I’m slowly becoming one. Plus my local friend kept telling me to come here.

Al Fahidi Fort photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

The entrance to the museum is very interesting. It’s made like a 1500’s fort. The entrance of the museum truly made me felt that I was in the Arabian Peninsula. I never seen this type of structure before in person. The fort is made out of coral rock. In fact, besides the Spanish forts in Florida and California. I never seen an actually fort before. Especially, not one made out of coral! Also, the fort is believed to be the oldest building in Dubai still active. The fort is called Al Fahidi.

Outside views of the Arish photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Once inside the museum, you get to see the old fashion homes. They are called Arish and are made out of palm fronds. The homes are actually very small. Only really containing a place to sit, a kitchen and a bedroom. It’s crazy to think that the emiratis once lived so humbly. The large amounts of money a country gains, can really change its people’s culture.

Old fashion helmets and weaponry photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Got to see an armoury right past the entrance. I heard the armours and weapons were collected from all over the world. I could only imagine how hot it would had been wearing mental armour in the Middle East during summer. I would rather choose 2nd degree burns over cuts caused by swords and arrows any day.

The collection of swords photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Funny thing about the homes, you get to see the old fashioned “air conditioning.” They were called wind towers. It was a gap in the ceiling of the Arish, as seen in the picture below. It was brutal for me to even walk around in this structure. The heat was still slightly unbearable. I couldn’t picture living in a place with no artificially-made cold air. Where the average temperatures in the summer is about 106 degrees to 86 degrees. For those who live outside of the usa, 41.1 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. Not to mention the 70 percent humidity.

The wind tower photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

The further I got into the museum, I found a door that lead me inside a walkway. That walkway would eventually take me to the main attraction of the museum. I was about to learn how Dubai was before the discovery of oil. Couldn’t wait to see what was in store me.

Safe travels everyone and much love!

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  1. What a wonderful wander you had! I must admit, as an American, I know full well how spoiled I am by cold air. Two things I wanted more than anything during our visit to Israel, was cold air and ice! (Much more than was available!)

    1. Haha i could imagine. I was like that in dubai. Everytime i go to the middle east, im reminded how lucky it is to be an American. The heat is unbearable. The cold water, ice and air conditioning can be highly priced luxuries. Thank you for your insight. Been wanting to go to israel for the longest.

  2. Old fashion air conditioning, that’s hilarious! I love to see how ancient cultures lived and how they’ve evolved. But living in Texas I can relate to the heat and not having an air conditioner is definitely not an option.

    1. Haha yeah, it hard to picture life without air conditioning. Living in the usa, alot of Americans don’t value that luxury. Ahh! Yes same! When you learn about how certain event influenced the culture of people it very fun. Thank you for reading 😄

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