Visting Orvieto, Italy (saying goodbye)

Our lengthy trip across this Southern European country was about to end. We had one more place to visit before leaving. A part of Italy I didn’t get to see on my first trip to this pasta loving country. I was excited but also a little bitter. Something about Italy makes it harder to leave the second time around.

Look over italy photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

For those who don’t know about this small Italian city. Orvieto lays on top of a hill. What makes this place so special is being able to see the Italian landscape and it’s white wines. This place is very famous for it’s classy alcohol. Ironically at the time that I was here, I did not this was a major site for the Etruscan civilization. They were the ones who built this city originally and was very important to the Etruscans. I wish I knew during my time here. Looking back, it was probably best because it would had made it even harder leaving.

The cathedral to the left photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Some much history runs through these buildings. In the usa and the Americas, most buildings are about 500 years. Hard to believe some of the buildings here are 4 times older. It makes you think about humanity. We have short lives but our structures are our legacy. Picture what all this would look like in 2000 years. Imagine how the USA, Russia, China and all of Africa would look like in 2000 years. Sadly, we won’t see it in person. Unless, medical doctors find a way to keep human bodies a live 200 times more of it’s normal capacity. Which I hope they don’t. However, if they did would that make us still human?

Another look of the Italian countryside photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

As the wind was hitting my face, all I could think about was leaving. I have a lot of emotional tides to this country. A place where last time I was here, I escaped a major earthquake, got dumped, learned more about the Italian culture and meet some awesome friends. It is just hard to say good bye. The more countries you go to, the more you realize each country reminds you of a certain emotion. That emotion is usually associated with the experiences you had in that country. Italy has been a place where I had grown so much as an individual. I learned it’s better to be in the moment and socializing than being on your phone texting. Also many more life lessons that I know I would keep learning in other countries. However, it’s still hard to feel like you are saying good bye to personal growth.

The cathedral photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

What made me feel at peace is knowing I will continue to grow better as a person. With every new country, culture, person, langague and religion encountered will help the development of that growth. Good bye Italy, until we meet again!!

Thank you so much for reading! Much love and safe travels!

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  1. Looks like a beautiful place! There are so many ways to grow and expand. This 7 + year journey of mine has certainly expanded me in many ways as I’ve had to adjust to so many people’s homes and rules, and find a way to still be me in the midst of it all. It’s wonderful you’ve been able to travel so much! I look forward to making it to other countries in the future! Or…other planets and universes 🙂

  2. We stepped from the funicular and immediately felt as though we had discovered a movie set…this breathtaking village is a beautiful hidden gem and will always remain in our hearts for the joy it brought to us as we traversed Italy.

  3. Aww I love Italy. Reading this post reminded me of the very first time I went to Italy heartbroken and ate at a restaurant by myself for the very first time in 9 years. It was challenging but it felt good.

  4. Your pictures took me back to when I visited Italy…thanks for sharing, lovely! And what they are going through now…my heart breaks! X stay safe X

  5. I went to Orvieto a few years ago and I enjoyed it so much! Thanks for sharing😊 I agree – it’s hard to leave Italy. That’s why when I came back the second time, I never left 😉

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