First impressions of London/ Christmas in May?

After a 7 hour sit-down, I landed in London. My first thoughts about this city were how friendly the locals are. I could tell I wasn’t in New York anymore. The attitude of the people was down to earth. The complete opposite of the Big Apple. Where New Yorkers are lost in their heads. It’s funny how I went to Ireland a month before. Should had just stayed in Dublin and took a ferry to the UK. You never know where life is going to take you.

Train station in London photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Took the Heathrow express train from the airport into town. Took the local underground train to get to my host’s location. Asked a few random Londoners where to go. They were more than happy to show me the right way.

Christians celebrating Christmas in may photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Once I was pointed towards the right direction, I came across a Christmas march. It was a group of West Africans called Kimbanguist. They were celebrating the birth of Jesus on May 25th. I was baffled and interested at this expression of their community. For starters, I never expected a group of Christians to celebrate this holiday at this time of the year. Second, anything that has to do with learning a new culture is what gets me motivated to travel more.

The apartment i was staying in photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Met up with my local host at Starbucks. We went inside his building and he gave me the keys to my room. To my surprise, the way England has built their homes is completely different than it is in the USA. Americans, love their space! The Londoners, not so much. The way homes are built in London are hard to explain. It’s like the first floors are for walking up to the apartments or the living room. However, the floors are like narrow alleyways.

Mafia style car photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Left my bags and it was time for me to explore. Was so excited to see what the hype was about. I hoped London will up to it’s positive rumors. Of course, I was not let down. This city had made me into a better person.

Stay safe everyone and remember to wash your hands!

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  1. It always amazes me how spacious things are when I come home from being overseas. Then again the US is a big place too…

    1. I guess a point is also American cities have had a little bit more time to plan, for example I love the grid layout in many US cities whereas in the UK this wasn’t even considered back in the day. Our houses are a lot smaller however, I lived in a tiny Victorian terraced house as a child although they do get bigger the more you leave city centers usually. And yes, the US is a massive country! So much open space which I love too 🙂

  2. I’m thankful for checking into this post today. Excellent thoughts shared with such simplicity and clarity! Thank you for your investment of time and effort in creating this worthwhile opportunity for us. Blessings!

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