Exploring Tangier, Morocco At Night

Once the sunset passed, I was about go to sleep and write a little more on this blog. I was still trying to get used to the local time zone. Of course, that wasn’t what the course of events’ planned for me. I got a message on whatsapp, it was my local friend. She let me know that she was done with work and could show me around Tangier. I was a little suspicious of about meeting someone at night for the first time. However, she suggested we met up in a public location and she was a recommendation from another trusted friend. So, I agreed to meet up.

Outside of where I was staying in tangier photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Tangier at night has a different feel to it. It feels like a party town. This city is like Morocco’s Miami. Beaches and parties, that is what most locals and tourist do. Always a big event happening here. With the atlantic ocean near by, it not hard to confuse this with any city in the americas.

Tangier’s  city center at night photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

My friend and I started in the city’s center. We walked around and I wanted to know what locals do for fun. She suggested we go and rent a pool table. Me, not knowing a thing about the game of pool I agreed. From what she told, Moroccans love playing pool. They have intense competitions held monthly in Tangier. Although my friend didn’t get far in the competitions, she was extremely good. Learned how to play pool that night. Proud of myself for not poking a hole in the table. Also, if we would had betted money, I would had lost an arm and a leg.

French food photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

After playing pool for a few hours, we decided to go eat somewhere. I wanted some local food; however, all the local restaurants were far from our location. By the time we would get there, the restaurant would be closed. In the end, we ended up eating at a French Moroccan restaurant. Where they serve French food with a small Moroccan taste. It was the best we could do at finding a local cuisine. She did warned me it was fancy. Despite of that, the bill was no more than 40 dollars. Which we split even. I wasn’t mad because 20 dollars in New York City gets you a burger with fries or 4 tacos with a soda.

Fruit Dessert photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

The food was awesome, didn’t expect it to be so good. With french hip hop playing in the background, she told me the local life. Life is not that great for locals. She works at a tour agency translating French and Arabic for English speaking tourists. She has to sell her own custom made t-shirts to tourists to help her little brother. For the average Moroccan, she still lives extremely well. Her own apartment and studying in school, she is a hustler. To be honest, I was expecting her to try to sell me some shirts or items. To my surprise, nothing of that sorts occurred. Glad to meet and see the entrepreneurial spirt of the Moroccan people.

Stay safe everyone and remember to wash your hands!

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  1. How nice to have a local show you around! That is awful that you pay $20 for a burger and fries in NY city! Here, $20 would buy you a main course dinner with a salad or soup included.

  2. I am so glad I came across your blog as it has so much helpful information. Can’t wait to travel again. I write about travel and lifestyle but since we can’t travel, I have been focusing on lifestyle more but your posts have tempted me to travel asap. already followed you for such new content.. Great work !

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