Going to the Buckingham Palace and stumbling across a marathon

On my way to the Buckingham Palace, I came across an event. It was at Green Park when I noticed all these people gathering around. For those who don’t know, you must pass Green Park in order to get at the entrance of the Palace. The park was surrounded by DJs playing loud music and portable bathrooms.

A sign showing where to start the marathon photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

It was crazy that I stumbled across this. The environment felt like a concert for a famous artist. Everybody was going around with water bottles and sitting mats. This gave me memories of the concerts back in San Francisco’s golden gate park. It was such nostalgia.

Vitality sign photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Started walking further into Green Park towards the palace by following the signs. It’s surprising to see how green the parks are in London. Yes, we got beautiful parks in the USA. However, you still feel like you are in a city. Here in Green Park. made me felt like I was in a country side. Of course this was when I was away from the marthon.

People finishing the marathon photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Got into the entrance of the Palace, I was stopped by the event offers. We were not allowed to cross while the runners were in the way. Who would had thought this event would affect my time at the Buckingham Palace.

People running in the marathon photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Eventually, the runners left and gave us a clearance. I started walking towards the palace. Couldn’t wait to see what this landmark had in store.

Stay safe everyone and remember to wash your hands!

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